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  • Kaveh Madani Today 10:53

    Iran’s environmental body takes unprecedented step in fight against plastic pollution

    TEHRAN — In a bid for public engagement Iran’s Department of Environment (DOE) has banned bottled water at the DOE offices and all other organizations affiliated with it nationwide.

  • Anzali wetland’s water dropping significantly Today 08:21

    Anzali wetland’s water dropping significantly

    TEHRAN – The water level of Anzali wetland, in northern Gilan Province, has dramatically reduced due to the decrease of precipitation.

  • Ahwas on Friday Yesterday 21:39

    Majlis cuts Khuzestan’s sand and dust storms budget

    TEHRAN – The budget proposed for fighting sand and dust storms in the southwestern province of Khuzestan in the next year’s budget bill is facing a big “no” by the special committee of Majlis [the Iranian parliament].

  • Landfill Yesterday 21:39

    Tehran Municipality planning to boost waste-to-energy capacity

    TEHRAN – Tehran Municipality is trying to encourage domestic and foreign investment to expand the capacity of waste-to-energy units, said the head of waste management organization of Tehran Municipality.

  • Men and women pose for a photo in Iranian local costumes at Golestan Palace (Photo: Alireza Nasseri)  Yesterday 12:25

    Golestan Palace, source of inspiration at Fajr festival

    TEHRAN – Tehran’s architectural treasure, the lavish Golestan Palace, will provide Iranian fashion designers with inspiration at the coming edition of Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival.

  • chicory distilled water Yesterday 12:24

    Persian traditional medicine: Chicory distilled water

    From past time, Chicory distilled water, called Araq-e Kasni in Persian, has been on hand in most Iranian houses.

  • The urgent need for renovating rundown areas Yesterday 10:25

    Majlis approves $200m for rundown areas renovation

    TEHRAN – In the national budget bill proposed for the next Iranian calendar year 1397 (starting on March 21), Majlis (the Iranian parliament) has approved a $200 million budget for renovation of rundown areas.

  • 60% of Iranian adults are overweight: official Yesterday 10:24

    60% of Iranian adults are overweight: official

    TEHRAN – Overeating has turned to a serious challenge for Iranians causing 60 percent of the country’s population aging above 18 to suffer from obesity, said the deputy health minister Alireza Raeisi, Fars reported on Friday.

  • Lake Urmia Yesterday 10:23

    Lake Urmia depletion will cause great discomfort

    TEHRAN – The total dryness of Lake Urmia will have a large negative impact on the health and livelihood of local communities and even beyond.

  • A view of Deyr-e Gachin caravanserai in central Iran Yesterday 10:22

    Mother of Iranian caravanserais

    TEHRAN – The lonely Deyr-e Gachin caravanserai located on the outskirts of Qom, central Iran, is commonly known as the mother of Iranian caravanserais.

  • TOD Yesterday 09:32

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    TOD may be a way round air pollution, traffic jam

    While air pollution and torturous traffic jam are plaguing city dwellers, especially people residing in the Iranian capital, the government is mulling over implementing transit-oriented development (TOD) programs.

  • Tokyo 2018-01-20 17:51

    By Marjan Golpira

    An Iranian native well-adjusted in Japanese world

    Koroush Gilani is an Iranian man who migrated to Japan in the 1990s. Over the years he has managed to fully integrate and adjust himself in to a completely different Asian culture, however, as is in such cases, assimilating to the culture of Japan has not been an easy task.

  • Islamic Azad University in Dubai 2018-01-20 11:17

    IAU plans to establish universities in Iraq, Syria

    TEHRAN – The Islamic Azad University (IAU) is planning on expanding overseas branches through setting up units in Iraq and Syria, Khabaronline reported on Tuesday.

  • Abgoosht 2018-01-20 11:17

    Health Ministry to promote traditional foods, limit fast food

    TEHRAN — The Ministry of Health is planning schemes to encourage consumption of traditional foods and is seriously reconsidering issuance of license for fast food restaurants, Mehr reported on Thursday.

  • From left to right sholehzard, haleem and borani are some foods, which were amongst the favorites of the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad Abdallah ibn al-Muktafi (944-946) 2018/01/20

    By Samira Mohebali*

    Eating like an Iranian: A survey on Persian food


    In this series of articles you can trace cookery art in Iran during history up to present. The survey sheds light on different aspects of Iranian life, culture and civilization.

  • German ambassador enjoys ‘Ab Gusht cooking lesson’ 2018-01-20 09:55

    German ambassador enjoys ‘Ab Gusht cooking lesson’

    TEHRAN — Michael Klor-Berchtold, German ambassador to Tehran, posted a photo on his Twitter account on Thursday depicting him stirring Ab Gusht (Iranian stew made with lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes, and dried lime) in a big pot.

  • PM 2.5, particulate matter map 2018-01-20 09:53

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Air pollution; not this again

    You wake up in the morning and set for another working day. You may take a quick shower, have a breakfast, get dressed and head out.

  • Library and Documentation Center for Natural Resources of Iran 2018-01-18 11:51

    By Marjan Golpira

    Library and Documentation Center for Natural Resources of Iran

    Located at the 150-hectare National Botanical Garden, the Library and Documentation Center for Natural Resources of Iran is the country’s most important reference library in the field of natural resources.

  • Jel Jalani ritual 2018-01-18 09:49

    Colorful Iran:

    Jel-Jalani firework ritual

    Villagers in Tameh village, near Natanz city in central Iran, performed a firework ritual called Jel-Jalani on January 7, 8 and 9.

  • Candlelight vigil to honor victims of Sanchi 2018-01-18 08:42

    Candlelight vigil to honor victims of Sanchi

    TEHRAN – The public and celebrities gathered in front of the building of National Iranian Tanker Company in a sad Tuesday evening here in Tehran to commemorate the victims of Sanchi oil tanker over a candlelight vigil.

  • A view of Tehran with excellent air quality on November 24, 2016  (Photo by IRNA/Mohammad Babaei) 2018-01-17 20:47

    By Mohammad Ali Haqshenas

    No painless solution to air pollution

    In a press conference held in Tehran’s Pardisan Park on Saturday, environment officials commented on the newly enacted clean air law and unveiled the slogan for this year’s national clean air day: “Clean Air Law, the Law of Breath.”

  • A view of newly-found prehistoric rock carvings in Isfahan province, central Iran 2018-01-17 19:52

    Isfahan a crossroads for ancient civilizations, traders: survey

    TEHRAN – Fresh archaeological survey on newly-found prehistoric rock carvings in Isfahan suggest the central Iranian province has been a crossroads for civilizations and traders since 5,000 years ago.

  • Iranian artisans to show skills at Japan exhibit 2018-01-17 19:52

    Iranian artisans to show skills at Japan exhibit

    TEHRAN – A group of 11 Iranian artisans will attend the ‘second week’ of the 85th Tokyo International Gift Show, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from February 7 to 9.

  • textile industry 2018-01-17 19:45

    Tehran exhibit lends color to Iran’s textile industry

    TEHRAN -- The large vibrant stores filled with domestically-produced textile and their special odor has created a common memory for people in Iran over the past decades.

  • Seyed Mahdi Mirghazanfari 2018/01/17

    By Seyed Mahdi Mirghazanfari

    Importance and specifications of “Akhlat”- Black bile

    TEHRAN — ‘Abstaining’ from food stuff and drinks as well as reforming eating habit in accordance with one’s individual temperament would definitely help people to stay healthy.

  • Beating the other two finalists, the Philippines and Singapore, Iran jointly with Sri Lanka won the event’s top prize in water sector. 2018-01-17 13:39

    Iran wins Energy Globe World Award 2017

    TEHRAN — Iran secured the first place in Energy Globe World Awards 2017 in the category of water here on Tuesday.

  • Tehran's clean air 2018-01-17 09:12

    DOE ready to fight for people’s right of clean air

    TEHRAN – Implementation of clean air law will definitely face serious oppositions but the Department of Environment is ready to stand up for the nation’s right to have clean air, DOE chief Isa Kalantari said on Tuesday.

  • Rangers to be equipped with personal armors 2018-01-16 20:08

    Rangers to be equipped with personal armors

    TEHRAN – As per a memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Environment, the ministry is tasked to provide rangers with appropriate personal armors.

  • Conference studies life challenges of housewives 2018-01-16 09:26

    Conference studies life challenges of housewives

    TEHRAN – A one-day scientific conference on life challenges of housewives was held in the eastern city of Birjand on Sunday.

  • khakshir 2018-01-16 09:23

    Persian drugstore

    Flixweed seeds: Iranian khakshir

    Flixweed is the common name of the plant descurainia sophia. Its weed, known as khak-e shir or khakshir in Iran, is used with water as a drink, which is mostly used as thirst quencher in hot weather.