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Young artist’s decorative works reveal fascination and talent
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A mixed media work by Homayun Taheri
A mixed media work by Homayun Taheri
RASHT -- Young artist Homayun Taheri is showcasing his talent with his new embossed artworks that he calls “drawing on metal”, revealing the fascination he felt as a teenager during visits to his uncle’s house where he discovered thin sheets of metal.

Taheri, known for his series of embossing artworks featuring animal and floral motifs, tells of the source of his inspiration.

“I was interested in painting and sculpture when I was a child. I was about 18 when I saw several pieces of thin sheets of copper and brass at my uncles’ house, and that was the time I began to work with metal”, the 34-year old artist told the Tehran Times in an interview.

“Later, I was able to invent a new and unique style of my own to create embossed patterns without making use of any complex tools. All I need is several pieces of simple materials”, Taheri added.

He gave more details about the tools he uses in his works and how his work has developed over the years.

“Part of my work, which is large, is embossed by applying pressure with the bottom of thick brushes, while the small patterns are created by applying pressure with the bottom of thin brushes.

“Very delicate lines are also made with inkless felt-tipped pens,” he explained.

“And now after years of practicing, I have made changes in my tools and my style of work, and have added more patterns. For example, pieces of scrap paper and glue are good media with which to fill in an empty space,” he said.

“The pressure of the palm is sometimes used to make peaks and valleys on the surface of my work,” he added.

Taheri, who is a graduate of graphic designs, said that he is highly interested in decorative shapes in order to convey visual pleasure to the viewers.

Asked about the elements and styles used in his compositions, Taheri said, “I am not restricted to any special methods. Iranian and European elements are seen in my works, I sometimes make use of arabesque designs in my works, as well.”

Taheri was born in Rasht, Gilan Province, a green region in northern Iran covered with forests and rice fields, and the major source of inspiration for his high interest in nature. “Nature is the source of my inspiration. I also make use of natural objects in my works, such a as animals’ horns and tree branches, and I mix them with the metals.”

Asked about the difference between his style of works and embossing, he replied, “Different thin and delicate sheets of aluminum, copper and brass are used in this style of mine, while the embossed artworks are produced on thick sheets of copper and brass with the metal points and hammers.

“Another difference is that I can cut the embossed patterns created on metal and paste them on wood, ceramic or glass, while this is not possible in embossing,” he explained.

He added that he calls his type of work drawing on metal, since he makes the patterns and lines with simple tools such as brushes or pens.

Taheri has so far held several exhibits to sell his works in Tehran and his hometown of Rasht.

On his recent activities, he said that he is making his best efforts to register his technique with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He also has plans to hold an exhibition in Tehran in the upcoming months.

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