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Ceasefire showed Israel has come to a dead end
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Israel’s defeat in the recent conflict with the Islamic resistance movement Hamas was more than anything else a clear sign of the Zionist regime’s humiliation.
The constant barrage of Hamas rockets on Israel by made it clear that the resistance’s military capability should no longer be underestimated. In other words, Israel never thought that it would face such a crushing, strategic response from the Palestinians. The increase in the range of the Hamas rockets surprised everyone in Israel, and this forced Israeli officials to resort to the Egyptians to hammer out a ceasefire.
The Israel offensive against Gaza was also meant to contain Hamas’ deterrence capability. And Israel launched an airstrike on Sudan shortly before its attack on Gaza in order to block any possible shipments of arms to Hamas. However, Hamas’ response showed that the resistance is still alive in Gaza and enjoys a high degree of deterrence capability. 
Through the attack on Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to promote extremist ideas in Israel in order to improve his prospects in the upcoming election. However, his dreams were shattered, and his decision to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas was roundly described as a devastating and unprecedented defeat in Israel. 
The inability of Israel’s intelligence apparatus to detect the Hamas missiles is regarded as the main reason the offensive was a failure. 
However, the spread of the Islamic Awakening ideology in the Arab world and its impact on resistance movements in the region should be described as a new breath for the anti-Zionist campaign. This has even given the United States second thoughts about its support for Israel, since Washington is well aware of the massive anti-Israeli and anti-U.S. sentiment on the Arab street. 
Egyptian mediation in the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was again a major issue. In fact, Egypt has become an indispensible player in every ceasefire, and any sort of compromise without Egypt playing the role of mediator is not approved by the Israelis because Egypt guarantees the implementation of ceasefires.
Mohammad Jamshidi is the director of the Foreign Policy Department of the Research Center of the Iranian parliament.

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