A parody of war on terror
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Our human mind is a flexible marvel. We can quite simply alter the truth, creating a delusion of it. By doing so, throngs of sins are justified. Multitudes of illicit deeds are legitimized. It is precisely this uncanny aptitude of our mind that permits us to stretch the truth to point where the fine line between reality and hoax is no longer discernable. And yet, amid this maelstrom of truth and falsity, there are times when the clarity of the truth is so absolute that there is no rational refutation and denial.
Gaza exemplifies such a case. How is it the least bit possible to witness the morbidity and horror, which is Gaza, and not see the truth? How could one gaze upon the atrocity and cruelty that the Zionists inflict upon the people of Gaza and justify their deeds? Is it not so, that one can merely observe the carnage and devastation that unfolds in Gaza and see the transparent truth of the matter? The demonic Zionist regime outrageously proclaims that they are waging a war on terror, whereas it is they who are the genuine terrorist; explicitly committing acts of genocide and infanticide on an unprecedented scale.
Any person, the least bit moral, can see the innocence of the people of Gaza. However, it appears that world leaders cannot. The UN boasts of humanity and equality. Worldwide leaders convene to speak of fraternity and peace, whereas they fail to properly acknowledge and deplore Israel. Despite being considered to be the spearhead of global harmony and peace, the UN shows nothing but incompetence and inaction when it comes to the massacre of the Gazans. Do they not see the mutilated corpses of children; or the wailing and weeping of a devastated mother? It is as though they are oblivious to the innocent children who die every day; to the thousands who live in vagrancy, in hope of repatriation. In my opinion, this essentially shows the futility of the UN.
Western countries profess and ostentatiously magnify their acknowledgement and consideration for human rights. However, they unilaterally remain muted and unanimated in regard to Palestinians. It is absolutely ridiculous how they belittle and admonish eastern countries for being crude and backward, when it is they who fail to recognize one of the most explicit and obvious breaches of human rights in the history of mankind.
In the turmoil of the misery and despair of Gaza, there is hope though; an oasis in the midst of a desert. That oasis of hope is Hamas; the courageous and chivalrous soldiers of Islam, who selflessly fight against the malevolent Zionists. It is these valiant and scrupulous mujahideens who, despite being under equipped, defend the forsaken people of Gaza against the evil of Israel. And yet, they are slandered and alleged of being terrorists! How is it that Israel self-righteously commits mass murder in the guise of defending its people, but according to global leaders, Hamas has no valid right to defend and retaliate for attacks on its people? In saying so, the UN effectively deprives Palestinians of their most basic right, that to defend themselves. Nevertheless, the truth about Hamas will not be obscured by these feeble accusations and they will be acclaimed for who they are.
Finally, I ask of the people of the world to judge for themselves. I ask them to seek their moral compasses and see where it points them; to momentarily dispel all differences and prejudice. For a mere moment, do not think of Palestinians as strangers, but as fellow human beings; and then judge. Without doubt anyone with the least bit of a conscience can easily see through this body of lies. In doing so, they will break through this veil of hoax and see the inexplicable and indelible truth, which is Gaza.

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