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Syria conference will not produce positive results: analyst
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TEHRAN - Political analyst Stephen Lendman seriously doubts that the conference on the Syrian conflict in Geneva could produce any positive results.
The conference, known as Geneva II, opened on January 22. 
Syrian government and opposition delegations have been meeting face-to-face in the presence of international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi. Neither side is speaking to the other directly. 
“I see nothing positive coming out of Geneva,” Lendman tells the Tehran Times.
Following is the text of the interview:
Q: What is your prediction of the Geneva II conference on Syria? Can it produce positive results?
A: In June 2012, Geneva I failed. I expect nothing different this time. Washington demands Assad must go. International law affirms otherwise. Russia and China support it (the Syrian government). America wants its will imposed unilaterally. It wants pro-Western stooge governance replacing sovereign Syrian independence. It wants Syria exploited for profit. It wants ordinary Syrians turned into wage slaves. It wants what the vast majority of Syrians won't tolerate. I see nothing positive coming out of Geneva.
Q: Under a pressure from Washington, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon withdrew invitation to Iran to attend the Geneva conference; however, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed hope that Iran would take part in talks in the next few weeks or months. What is the reason behind U.S. contradictory approach toward Iran?
A: Ban Ki-moon disgraced himself. He's an imperial tool. Washington
appointed him. He serves U.S. interests. Inviting, then disinviting,
Iran was despicable. It was unprecedented. Iran is a major regional player. How does Ban justify inviting Saudi Arabia? It's waging war on Syria. Iran supports peaceful conflict resolution. It wants Syrian sovereignty respected. It wants Syrians alone having the right to determine their own future. Ban disinvited Iran for these reasons. He did so because Washington demanded it.
Q: How can Iran help resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully?
A: Iran's best course of action is to continue supporting the right of Syrians to decide who'll lead them with no foreign interference. International law stipulates it. Nothing less can be tolerated. What I
and others do as individuals and groups, Iran can do as a nation. Supporting Syrian independence is vital. Losing it risks the same thing happening to Iran and Hezbollah's role in Lebanon's government. It risks greater regional war.

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