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Post-Yanukovych Ukraine will have normal ties with Russia, Kiev's ambassador to Iran predicts
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c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_edim_02_Saki(4).jpgTEHRAN – The Ukrainian ambassador to Tehran predicts that relations between Kiev and Moscow will be normal now that the government of President Viktor Yanukovych has fallen. 

“We will have no alternative other than having normal ties (with Russia),” Ambassador Oleksandr Samarskiy told a press conference in Tehran on Sunday. 
The massive protests in Ukraine, which led to the downfall of collapse of Yanukovych, left 82 people killed and many more injured to the astonishment to the world. 
Samarskiy said those who killed people in the streets were in fact people with “criminal records”.
He also said he believed that war crimes took place in Ukraine, adding that those who were behind the killings should be brought to justice.
The ambassador said the people in fact rose up against the government’s domestic and foreign policies and the ideology of communism which he said still existed in the former Soviet republic. “This was freeing Ukraine from the ideology of communism.”
Even after Ukraine won independence in 1991 for most years those with communist mentality ruled the country, he opined.
He also said the Ukrainians also protested against “corrupt people” and “corruption”, yet the government, instead of listening to the people resorted to violence.  However, the more government used force the more resistance was shown by the people, he explained.
He described Yanukovych’s government was as one of the cruelest regimes in the history of Ukraine which committed itself to no principles. 
The diplomat also said so far no country, even the Russian Federation, has accepted to give asylum to Yanukovych whose whereabouts are still unknown. 
As the ambassador was talking to reporters he displayed scenes of protests in the Independence Square, in which police and demonstrators were clashing, security forces shooting at protestors, people rushing to the help of bloodied protestors, blood being spread on the streets, and scenes in which demonstrators were waving national and the European Union flags.

No fallout on Iran-Ukraine relations
The ambassador said he believed that the developments in Ukraine will have no much effect on relations between Kiev and Tehran. 
The Ukrainian embassies and consulates across the world will continue their activities as usual, Ambassador Samarskiy stated.
The ambassador censured Yanukovych who described protestors as radicals and even terrorists, saying his remarks were an insult to the entire Ukrainian nation.  
The president preferred his interest and the interests of his party over the interest of the nation, the ambassador noted.
The ambassador rejected divisions between Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking people, saying, “There is no principled reason for split in Ukraine.”
He said this view that there is a split between Ukrainians is a “myth” which has been propagated by some analysts which are under the illusion of the past. 
The diplomat went on to say that opinion polls show that most Ukrainians, both in the east and west, favor joining the EU for a better life.
 Oleksandr also said he is optimistic more than ever about the future of his country. “The future is at the hands of the people.”

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