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ISIL will definitely fall: Nasrallah
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c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_edim_01_Lebanon99(16).jpgHezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said he expects the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to fall and he supports his ally Michel Aoun’s candidacy for the post of president.
The Lebanese daily As-Safir reported on Tuesday that Nasrallah stated that ISIL is not sustainable and he expected it to fall sooner or later.
The report said that after his visit to Nasrallah and being presented by the wide knowledge of the latter on ISIL and similar groups, Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt became convinced of the “threats posed by this cross-border extremism phenomenon.”
Despite the fact that ISIL and other extremist groups have already entered Lebanese territory and carried out terrorist operations, As-Safir reported that Nasrallah seemed to be confidently relaxed concerning the sequence of events.
He reportedly saw no welcoming environment for fundamentalist groups in Lebanon and no evidence that ISIL’s plans possessed any “horizons.”
Doubting the sustainability of the extremist group, Nasrallah reportedly explained in his meetings that evidence and facts demonstrated ISIL’ inability to build a state on the Iraqi land, stressing that even Iraqi Sunnis refuse to live under its rule.

Hezbollah still supports Aoun candidacy
Separately, the As-Safir article mentioned that Nasrallah insisted on supporting Free Patriotic leader Michel Aoun’s candidacy as long as the latter holds on to his will to run for president.
Jumblatt was reportedly informed of Nasrallah’s stand in the recent meeting between the two, in which As-Safir’s sources quoted the Druze leader as saying, “Sayyed ... the Christians’ situation in the region has become weak, and is expected to see more declination. The Christians in Lebanon are packing their bags and leaving, and the Druze likewise.
“Therefore, what is needed is to elect a president quickly starting from what is available, to limit the deterioration of the situation.”
Nasrallah reportedly responded to Jumblatt by saying: “Walid Beik... the president is there... he is Gen. Aoun and we go on supporting him.
“But in any case, you shall not only speak to me about it, go to the general and agree with him.”

Two more soldiers killed in east Lebanon battle
Meanwhile, two Lebanese soldiers were killed in fighting with extremists on Monday night in the town of Ersal on the border with Syria and an eight-year-old girl was shot dead in clashes in a northern city, security sources said on Tuesday.
"This battle requires equipment, materiel and technology that the army doesn't have," Kahwaji told AFP.
The fighting in Ersal in the north of the Bekaa Valley is the most serious spillover into Lebanon from Syria's civil war since that conflict began more than three years ago.
The violence prompted army chief General Jean Kahwaji on Tuesday to call on France to speed up the delivery of weapons under a Saudi-financed deal.
The clashes began on Saturday after security forces arrested an extremist commander popular with local terrorists who frequently use the porous border to move in and out of Syria. Shortly after the arrest, gunmen attacked security forces in the area.
At least 16 soldiers have been killed since. An unknown number of civilians and militants have also died in the fighting.
Militants on Tuesday also released three policemen who were among dozens of security force members believed to have been abducted.
Lebanese security officials say the fighters in Ersal include members of al-Qaeda's Syria branch, al-Nusra Front, and an al-Qaeda splinter group, the Islamic State, which has seized swathes of land in Syria and Iraq.

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