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Israel’s great defeat in Gaza
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The Israeli army, without achieving a military success, suffered a new defeat and was forced to retreat from Gaza.
The city of Gaza which is only 360 square kilometers wide is housing more than 1.5 million people, making it the most densely populated city in the world. 
Despite having strong intelligence agencies like Shin Bet, Mossad and Aman, Israel failed to develop an accurate assessment of the missile power of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements. Over 30 days of Israel’s war on Gaza, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have fired over 2900 rockets at cities of Tel Aviv, Hifa, Ashkelon, and Eshkol, sustaining serious damages on sensitive areas of these cities.
An analysis of Israel’s 30-day war against Gaza shows that Israel, despite having the most sophisticated weaponry and fighter jets, is seriously vulnerable to unconventional warfare.
During Israel’s war on Gaza, more than 3 million Jews took shelter from the fear of Hamas’s rockets, bringing economic as well as social activities to a complete halt in the occupied territories. The value of Tel Aviv stock exchange, which is entangled with the Wall Street, fell about 50 percent and the regime suffered millions of dollars per day in economic losses.
On the other hand, all international flights to Ben Gurion International Airport were canceled which in effect severely hit the tourism industry and led to economic stagflation.
From a military point of view, the Iron Dome, which the U.S. had made a lot of publicity about, showed it inefficiency, because out of 2900 rockets fired by the resistance forces it could only intercept 480. Even though no statistics have so far been released about the economic losses suffered by Israel during the war, economic experts have put the figure at about 6 billion dollars.
It is natural that the continuation of the war will not meet the interests of Israel, because Jews who have immigrated to the occupied Palestine with the whim of enjoying a comfortable and secure life will be forced to leave. After the 33-day war against Hezbollah in 2006 more than 270,000 Jews, especially those living in northern occupied Palestine, left for Europe and the United States. This is a great security and social challenge to the Zionist regime.
Therefore the speculation that Israel, through the bombardment of the defenseless People of Gaza, succeeded to destroy the Islamic resistance movement is a fallacy. Though the attacks inflicted serious damages on civilians in Gaza, it reinforced the military capability of Hamas. 
Due to this reason, when the 72-hour ceasefire came to an end, Hamas insisted on its stance that there will be no lasting ceasefire if the blockade on the Gaza Strip is not lifted, the Rafah crossing is not reopened and Israel does not give guarantees that Gaza will not be attacked again.
Israel is seeking disarmament of Hamas and putting Gaza under the supervision of the UN peace-keeping forces. Therefore, without a comprehensive ceasefire plan in which the demands of the Islamic resistance movement are taken into consideration, the issue of Gaza will remain a complicated political, security and military problem and the current conflict will degenerate into a protracted war between Hamas and Israel.

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