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The role of regional institutions in promoting peace and prosperity in Asia
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Asia is a continent with 68% of the world's population which accounts for one third of the global economy. 
It is a region of great diversity where countries’ history, cultural traditions and social systems vary.
Asia, as the cradle of the world’s largest religions and schools of thought, is also a place where diverse cultures, civilizations and nations interact. 
Enjoying a rising status in the international strategic landscape, Asia is one of the most dynamic and promising regions in the world today. Its diversity serves as a driving force to play an increasingly important role in promoting a multi-polar world in international relations. 
In addition, Asia has enormous and great potential that should be exploited to pave the ground for further development, integration and progress. In the same line, cooperation on economic, political and security issues and mobilizing the existing capacities and resources in support of the Asian states’ common goals are prerequisite conditions for Asian solidarity, integration and rapid regional development.
Undoubtedly, development is the foundation of stability, peace and security. Therefore, peace and development are and should be the main cornerstones in the region, and countries in the region should adopt and follow conscious policies that address differences and disputes through the above-mentioned mechanisms.
Investment in infrastructure projects such as energy not only fulfills potentials, but also accelerates and facilitates development and can serve as a platform for Asian integration. Construction of oil and gas pipelines, investment in oil and gas development projects, expansion of transportation facilities and projects relating to the sustainable development of Asian states can play an important role in regional integration. 
Further investments for expansion of trade relations and exchange of technologies and more joint ventures in different areas could be among the fields of cooperation for collective development in Asia.
At the same time, collective measures should be taken to eradicate drug trafficking, transnational organized crime, pandemic diseases, illiteracy, poverty, adverse effects of climate change, violence and terrorism which slow or may impede the ongoing rapid development process in Asian states.
To keep pace with its growing status and changing international circumstances, Asia requires mechanisms that secure common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable interactions among its states. 
Playing their vital role at global scene, Asian states are compelled to seek effective and vibrant interaction and cooperation in all fields of their interests and concerns. In this regard, various existing cooperation mechanisms should be enhanced and become more dynamic. 
So far, considerable measures have been taken through the establishment of Asian regional mechanisms and organizations such as the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Operation of these mechanisms over years of their activity demonstrated that they have been quite capable to provide appropriate and effective means to strengthen dialogue, understanding and confidence building in Asia as the greatest continent.
This system of Asian multilateral mechanisms and organizations have so far explored and provided ample opportunities for developing multilateral ties and cooperation and served the goal of Asian integration process. However, Asian states should take supplementary steps to ensure promotion of these regional mechanisms and organizations and increase their cooperation and interactions. 
It is expected that the balance of bilateral mechanisms and multilateral diplomacy through interaction within regional arrangements would lead to the shaping of an architecture that guarantees sustainable development, lasting peace, growing prosperity and greater security in Asia.

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