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Deir Yassin massacre – Palestine’s indelible stain
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While Israel continues to claim the Holocaust to justify its existence, determined to play the eternal martyr as to silence the opposition and prevent any challenge to its rule, Palestine remembers only too well how many of its sons and daughters were killed under the Star of David.
Drenched with the blood of an entire people, Zionist Israel will never awash the stain which is forever attached to its name. Murderous, treacherous and hateful such are the qualities of Israel, a nation which to this day claims to be the righteous inheritor of God’s words onto mankind. 
Blinded by pride and arrogance the people of Zion, the killers of Palestine, continue to spread inequity and mischief, twisting and perverting, lying and scheming for their station has been raised but a little.
Palestine remembers still, we remember still!
We remember the lives which were shattered under Israel’s monstrous blade, the sons and daughters who were never to grow old for their years were cut short. We remember how on April 9th, 1948 Israel was so quick to plunder a peaceful people, a kind people, a God fearing people. And if Israel can and want to forget, we shall not; for in us our martyrs live on, for within us their memory shall rise again, until the day all is avenged.
Palestine, a land which name alone evokes the memory of a time long past, a land which treasures will forever live in the memory of men for it is on its ground which much of the fate of the world was and will be defined.
The burden we bear, the hope we carry, Palestine is both a painful past and the promise of a brilliant future, the link which binds us more surely than blood.
Palestine remembers still, we remember still!
And if today we mourn, if today we cry; those we could not save, those who were sacrificed, tomorrow we will rise and tomorrow we will cry, but this time tears of joy, for Palestine we will see rise.

The day Deir Yassin fell
In the months leading to the end of the British mandate on Palestine, Zionists militias sought to gain control over al-Quds and all surrounding areas, intent on securing a strong military presence at the very heart of Palestine, ahead of the annihilation of its people. Deir Yassin’s massacre should serve as a reminder of Zionists’ real agenda in Palestine. Cohabitation was never the plan, rather depopulation and exodus.
Under siege and cornered, Zionists intended to break “the Battle of the Roads”, by opening a way to Al Quds and end the Arab Liberation Army’ siege. 
Situated on a hill west of Al Quds, directly overlooking the main highway entering the then-Palestinian capital, Deir Yassin held much importance from a pure military strategic standpoint. However, neither strategy nor war necessity could ever justify the massacring of over 120 people, among which many women and children. Deir Yassin was slated for occupation under Plan Dalet and the mainstream Jewish defence force, the Haganah, authorized the irregular terrorist forces of the Irgun and the Stern Gang to perform the takeover.
Within months of the massacre, Zionists worked to wipe-out Deir Yassin from the map as if to deny it ever existed and thus somewhat erase the crimes which were committed in the name of religious hatred. 
Although Israel’s men have pillaged and destroyed many lives and many villages since April 9th, 1948, Deir Yassin’s memory rings ever louder for it marks a turning point in Palestine’s history. Forever remembered as a day of infamy, Deir Yassin remains a symbol of dispossession, the epitome of human savagery and cruelty. 

Dina Elmuti, the grand-daughter of one of Deir Yassin’ survivors spoke in Electronic Intifada of her grand-mother’s memory of the day, capturing the essence of Palestine’s unbearable pain.
“By sunrise on April 9th, the Zionist terrorist organizations known as the Irgun and Stern Gang had raided the village and stormed homes, slaughtering as many people as possible. The victims included unarmed elderly men, pregnant women and children. Large piles of smoking and charred bodies were thrown into a pit, homes were filled with bodies riddled with bullets and walls were splattered with blood. Each spring, almond trees in full bloom filled the air with the sweet fragrance of their blossoms. By evening that Friday, the suffocating stench of blood and burning corpses permeated the air instead.”
Elmuti tells of her grand-mother’s harrowing experience, when only a child she was confronted with Israel’s murderous rage against her people. She recalls the agonizing pain and searing visions of plunder, the body littering the streets, the cries of despairs … 
It is such legacy of pain which Israel has left in its wake. It is on such a land, where the cries of Palestine still echo in the air that Israel is attempting to build its Zionist empire, eroding at Islam’s heritage with sadistic precision.
But if Israel believes it has won for Palestine lays still under Zion’s yoke, Palestine can never be defeated for it is more than just a people of flesh and blood. Palestine has come to embody the hope and dreams of the Islamic Ummah, with her we fall and with her we shall rise.
In the words of Nasser Ibrahim, “A deep silence drowns the place, a sad silence that reaches to the depths of the soul. This is the silence of death, loss and betrayal … Children, women and men, they woke up in the morning and in their eyes were a thousand questions, but they did not have time to wait for the answers and died with eyes full of admonishment, anger and fear. They fell in the morning and at noon. … It is too quiet here.”
Here in Deir Yassin, we remember Palestine, we remember the day Palestine was sacrificed to Israel’s pyre. 
We remember!

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