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‘ISIL oppressing women in Iraq and Syria’
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Press TV conducted an interview with political analyst Hamid Golpira on July 29 to talk about the women in Syria and Iraq being forced to marry Takfiri militants who are committing atrocities in the region.
Following is a transcription of the interview:
Q: Now, what we are seeing here is a marriage bureau or an organization that basically entices women to become sex slaves. What do you make of it?
A: Well, it is unacceptable in Islam. I should elaborate a little more on how it is unacceptable in Islam, because we can categorize these women, these young females, into a few categories. Some of them are being coerced or forced into this. So, that is completely not acceptable and haram, forbidden in Islam. Another group of them are not really of sound mind. They maybe have some psychological problems, so they are not completely aware of what they are doing, where it might appear that they are of their own free will doing that. So, any kind of contract with a person not of sound mind and not psychologically stable is also forbidden, or haram, in Islam, and is thus void and not acceptable. 
And then you might have a third group of them which you could say, OK, maybe they are somehow not psychologically unstable and they are doing this of their own free will and not being coerced, but also what they are getting involved in is a group that is actually not a true Islamic movement anyway. They are killing lots of Muslim civilians at a time when Israel is killing Muslim civilians. It is as if they are not different. So in that case, the people who they are marrying are not really mujahedeen and are not really jihadis. They are at war with civilians, they are committing war crimes. So all of this is not acceptable in all of these three categories.
Q: Right. And there is that other category where families are put in such dire… conditions where they are forced to sell their daughters into sex slavery. Let’s not forget that has happened before as well in the name of Islam, even though, as you have just pointed out, this is completely against what Islam stands for. But this isn’t just marriage Mr. Golpira. We are seeing an entire generation of women in Syria and Iraq being coerced or forced into being temporary sex slaves for men who are committing atrocities in the name of Islam.
A: Well, that is why it is totally unacceptable. When you get to the point where women, through poverty or the poverty of their families, are compelled to get into what is really a sex trade -- that is unacceptable in Islam. But at the same rate, the Muslim world, the Islamic ummah, must try to provide some funding, like with zakat. Today is Eid al-Fitr. And this should be done so people are not in such a situation that they should be somehow compelled to get into some kind of sex trade because they need money or their children are starving or something like this. It is also a responsibility of the Islamic ummah to make sure that these kinds of things don’t happen.
Q: And of course, very quickly if you can, what kind of a light does this shed on the militants called ISIL? What do they stand for and what do they intend to do in the future in Iraq and Syria?
A: Well, they are claiming that they are trying to start some kind of Islamic state. They are claiming that they are for an Islamic movement. But like I said, they are harming people and hurting people who are not at all combatants to begin with, who are not enemies of Islam. They are just harming innocent civilians, which is completely unacceptable in Islam to begin with. Many people have said that the common foot soldiers of ISIL are just kind of ignorant, uneducated people who really don’t completely understand the rules of Islam, but others say that in contrast, many of their leaders are perhaps spies from the CIA or other intelligence agencies, trying to make a bad image of Islam around the world by doing these atrocities or things that are forbidden in Islam. Many people say this is the picture of this organization, and that is what the analysis is.

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