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Homeopathic cure of diabetic foot ulcer
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Obesity has changed to a global health threat. Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In 2008, 1.5 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight. Of these over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese, according to the formal website of WHO (the world health organization).

 Diabetes mellitus is considered one of the most common health consequences of obesity both in children and adults. Diabetic patients face several complications such as foot ulcers and infections which turn into gangrene and limb amputation. 

 Diabetic foot lesions are responsible for more hospitalizations than any other complication of diabetes.

 Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower extremity amputations in the United States, with approximately 5% of diabetics developing foot ulcers each year and 1% requiring amputation, according to the Medscape website, April 1, 2011.

 - How  to  cure diabetic foot ulcer

 Two patients complaining of diabetic foot ulcer were visited recently by the author who experienced complete cure of their ulcers through homeopathic remedies and surgical debridement. 

 - Case No.1

 A 58 year old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus was refereed by Dr.S.A.,  a general physician, in the summer of 2010. She had poor control on her weight and blood sugar and the common complication , i.e. diabetic foot ulcer over her 5th left toe. 

 She was treated with Arn. 30c and Phos. 30c at the clinic where she was observed for about 30 minutes, then discharged.  After a week she was called up to follow the case.

 The ulcer had healed and surgical debridement had been done. Her fasting blood glucose had also reached close to normal value.

 - Case No.2

 A man of 37 with type 1 diabetes mellitus and diabetic right foot ulcer and suppuration was consulted by the author, in Sept. 2011.  After case taking, Lyc.30c was prescribed and taken by the patient. After 2 weeks of taking the remedy, surgical debridement and fair health care procedure, the ulcer and suppuration healed completely.

 - Conclusion: 

 Type 1 and 2 diabetic patients with diabetic foot ulcer and/or infection can be cured safely and completely by homeopathic remedies and surgical debridement and careful health care. 

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