Tehran to host conference on chemical weapons

October 16, 2007

TEHRAN(Press TV)-- Tehran will host the first international conference on chemical weapons in a bid to illuminate the catastrophic consequences of their use.

""Iran is one of the greatest victims of chemical weapons and no country in the world has suffered as much from the consequences of chemical weapons as Iran"", secretary of the Foreign Ministry's National Center for the Chemical Weapons Convention Gholam-Hossein Dehghani said.
Iran will make use of the upcoming conference to raise the issue of global indifference toward the massive use of chemical weapons against Iran during the imposed war of 1980-88, as well as pointing out in detail the reasons behind Iran's strict adherence to the international convention prohibiting its use, Dehghani stated.
The convention came into force in 1993 after the former Iraqi dictator's widespread chemical attacks on Iran, noted the official, putting the current number of the Iranian victims affected by Saddam's chemical weapons at 100,000.
The Chemical Weapon Convention requires all countries to abide by its provisions by 1997.
A deadline set by the convention commits the international community to the total annihilation of all types of chemical weapons by 2012, said the official.
“However, it seems the convention lacks the authority needed for the enforcement of the obligations stipulated in it,” Dehghani added in conclusion