Women now play more colorful roles in country’s development

November 19, 2007

TEHRAN – Head of the Foreign Affairs’ Committee of Britain’s House of Commons, Mike Gips, had a meeting with the members of the Women’s Commission of the Islamic Majlis here on Tuesday.

Underlining women’s freedom for partaking in social and political activities in Iran, head of the Women’s Commission of the Majlis, Fatemeh Alia, rejected the existence of any barrier to the presence of Iranian women in various spheres.
The role of Iranian women in social and political developments is observed to be increasing, she added.
In reference to the recent election of Civil and Urban Councils, Alia noted that there exists an outstanding increase in women’s presence in these fields.
“The U.S. is trying to impose Western cultural principles on other countries, she said adding, “World imperialism is trying to destroy the national and traditional values of other countries in order to empower their political and economic interests.”
Iranian women play a considerable role in scientific studies and research in various areas including the peaceful use of nuclear energy and stem cells, majlis member Eshrat Shayegh, said in this meeting where she emphasized the constructive role of women in Iranian society.
The Majlis has made concrete efforts towards strengthening the foundation of the family, defending the rights of women and children, Laleh Eftekhari, another member of parliament said.
The British delegation, which became acquainted with the realities of Iranian society during their current visit to Tehran, expressed their goodwill for the improvement of mutual relations between their parliaments, especially in women’s affairs.