EU3 confirms Iran's cooperation with IAEA

November 24, 2007

TEHRAN (IRNA) – The EU3 (Germany, Britain and France) here Friday at the IAEA Board of Governors meeting confirmed that Iran is effectively cooperating with the IAEA.

The permanent ambassador of France at the IAEA read out the EU3's communiqué.
Iran's close cooperation with the IAEA, and the additional information provided for that international body by the Islamic Republic of Iran are conformed by the EU3 at the communiqué.
The document emphasizes, ""We noticed that Iran has provided the IAEA with additional information about the cooperation of its centrifuges.""
It adds, ""We also observed that Iran has taken appropriate steps in line with the work map it has agreed to proceed upon with the IAEA.""
The communiqué notes, ""We ask Iran to improve the level of its cooperation with the IAEA and to provide answers for the entire remaining questions within the next few weeks.""
It says, ""We are agreed with the IAEA Secretary General that there must be an end for this process, and we think his proposal to end it within the next few weeks is quite appropriate.""
The communiqué meanwhile considers Iran's cooperation with the Agency ""insufficient and reactionary"", referring to the Agency's request from Iran to present the full history of its nuclear activities, and asks the head of the IAEA Board of Governors, ""Some six months after Iran's acceptance of this new commitment, and few weeks before its end, what are the Agency's achievements?""
The EU3 has in its communiqué also repeated the baseless U.S.-Israeli espionage agents' claim over the threat of Iran's manufacturing of atomic bombs, echoing the illogical Western demand for Iran's suspension of its uranium enrichment activities.
It refers to putting to use 3,000 UF6 fed centrifuges under the supervision of IAEA inspectors at Natanz underground facilities, adding, ""There was no active centrifuge at that center at the beginning of the year 2007.""
The EU communiqué then claims that this number of centrifuges can within the span of one year, theoretically speaking, manufacture enough enriched uranium for the production of one nuclear bomb.""
It adds, ""It is stated at the IAEA Secretary General report that Iran has tested new generations of centrifuges, and this is worrying for the EU.""
The EU3 ends the communiqué with an emphatic request that Iran should heed its commitments, suspend its sensitive nuclear activities, accept to abide by the NPT Additional Protocol, and abide by the IAEA’s request for observing full transparency, adding, ""We all the same favor negotiations aimed at solving the problem.""