Strong ties between Iran and China make the world safer: Ahmadinejad

December 24, 2007

TEHRAN – The strengthening of ties between Tehran and Beijing would promote international security, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday as he received the credentials of the new Chinese ambassador to Tehran, Xie Xiaoyan.

“The development of ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and China in all areas would benefit the two nations and promote world peace and security,” Ahmadinejad told Xie.
The Iranian president said the world is bracing for great changes and the global unipolar system is collapsing.
Iran and China, two great countries with rich cultural heritages and long histories, share common views on many issues, and this provides a great opportunity for the two Asian nations to upgrade their ties, Ahmadinejad added.
The president said some countries which are unhappy about the progress of the Iranian and Chinese nations are opposed to the expansion of ties between the two states.
Thus, the two countries should be vigilant and should not lose the opportunity to expand relations, he suggested.
Xie said China and Iran share similar views on many international and regional issues and defended Tehran’s right to use nuclear technology for civilian purposes.
“China believes the Iranian nation has the absolute right to peaceful nuclear energy,” Xie noted.
The Chinese ambassador said Iran and China complement each other in many areas and called for enhanced cooperation in the scientific, cultural, educational, political, and economic spheres.
Iran has extensive economic cooperation with China, and trade between the two countries is expected to hit 20 billion dollars in the near future. However, the strong relationship between the two countries, especially in the energy sector, has angered U.S. officials.
China and Russia have blocked efforts by the U.S. and some of its European allies to introduce new sanctions against Iran over its peaceful nuclear program at the UN Security Council