Tehran-Damascus ties serve Arab cause: Syrian minister

January 1, 2008

DAMASCUS (IRNA) -- Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal said on Monday that Iran-Syria ties serve the Arab cause.

The Syrian minister made the remarks in an interview with Syrian satellite TV, terming Iran-Syria relations as very friendly.
Friendly ties between Iran and Syria would be very fruitful for the Arab states and Palestine as well as Syrian success in retaking its lands from the Zionist occupiers.
The fact is that Iran has good neighborly and friendly ties with the Arabs and stood by the Arab cause vis-à-vis Zionist plots, he said.
""We must encourage all peace-loving countries and their nations to vindicate their rights,” he said, adding that Syria seeks to broaden ties with all nations worldwide.""
Syria does its utmost to resolve rift among Arab states through encouraging the Arab solidarity, he said.