Iran allocates $163m emergency fund for drought

May 14, 2008

TEHRAN – Iran has earmarked over $163 million for implementation of emergency plans to counter drought, deputy energy minister in water and wastewater affairs said here on Tuesday.

Rasoul Zargar added, “According to statistics, the country faces a 10 percent shortage in water supplies. We will be able to overcome the problem through proper tapping of water resources,” he noted.
Coping with drought requires $1.125 billion
Meanwhile, the Director for Development and Planning of Industries and Infrastructural Affairs of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, Mohammad Ali Hejazi on this matter said, “To reduce the impact of drought a $1.125 billion budget is required.”
“$375 million has been allotted to this department in the current Iranian (started March 20, 2008) for reducing the negative effects of drought. But, we need a budget three times this amount,” he said.