MPs urge Iraq to extradite MKO

September 13, 2008

TEHRAN -- MP Esmaeil Kosari on Friday said the members of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) should be extradited to Iran.

Kosari criticized Iraq’s decision to give the MKO a six-month deadline to leave Iraq, saying, “The recent decision regarding the MKO and expelling them from Iraq instead of extraditing them to Iran reveals the United States’ pressure on the Iraqi administration.”
“The United States has used the MKO against Iran and the Iraqi nation. Now that it (MKO) has no up to date information, it has decided to expel them from Iraq,” he told Mehr News Agency.
He disputed the so-called U.S. “campaign against terrorism” which resulted in its occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, saying, “Not only hasn’t the United States been successful in fulfilling its promises, but also it has clearly and directly supported terrorist groups such as the MKO.”
“The occupiers should have handed over the MKO to Iran in the early days of their occupation, not give them another opportunity to leave Iraq and continue their activities in another country,” Kosari insisted.
The MP also emphasized that Iran welcomes those MKO members who regret their past behavior.
MKO members should be put on trial
Hamidreza Taraqi of the Islamic Coalition Party said expelling the MKO from Iraq without putting them on trial or handing them over to Iran is against the will of Iranian and Iraqi nations.
“Those elements that have hurt the two countries should be extradited to Iran, especially now that one of the pretexts of the United States to invade the region is campaign against terrorism,” he told the Mehr News Agency. Taraqi went on to say that expelling the MKO without bringing them to court runs counter to international efforts to uproot terrorism.
MKO serving U.S. interests
Hamidreza Haji-Babaii of the Majlis presiding board said the Iraqi government should demand the U.S. to send MKO to Iran.
“During the last three decades, the MKO has offered the U.S. a great service and has always been active as a U.S. element. Although the MKO is on the terrorist organizations’ black list, the U.S. has always supported (it),” he told Mehr News Agency