Western liberal democracy collapsing: Leader

October 14, 2008

TEHRAN -- Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyyed Ali Khamenei stated on Monday that Western liberal democracy is collapsing just as Marxism did.

“Now, the name of Marxism does not exist, and liberal democracy with all its political, economic, and military power, has been knocked to the ground before the eyes of all the world,” the Leader said at a meeting of Friday prayer leaders from across the country.
However, the ideology of Islamic thought is gaining adherents day by day, and the Islamic Revolution, as the engine of this school of thought, should perpetually strengthen this trend, the Leader noted.
The adherents of Marxism and liberal democracy presented their specific ideas to run the world and posed as the main challengers to the Islamic Revolution in the beginning, he added.
Pointing to the legacy of Marxism, he said, “This school had claims and slogans for itself, which gradually faded away and finally… it disintegrated like a spider web in a short time.”
As Marxism collapsed, the followers of Western liberal democracy found themselves unrivalled and were tempted to practice unilateralism and thought that they had the entire world in their hands, the Leader explained.
He said liberal democracy put on display its “false claims of democracy and human rights in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and through the attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan and the bombardments of various (other) parts of the world.”
“Today, the false bubble of money has popped in the Western world… and they themselves say that the era of U.S. hegemony has come to an end.”
The Leader added that the ‘cries’ of the supporters of liberal democracy ‘have reached the sky’