MPs showed their mettle in impeachment of interior minister: Larijani

November 5, 2008

TEHRAN – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani stated on Tuesday that the removal of the interior minister proved that parliamentarians show no mercy to “anyone” in their dedication to the rule of law.

The Majlis overwhelmingly voted to oust Interior Minister Ali Kordan over his fake Ph.D. diploma.
Of the 247 lawmakers present, 188 voted to sack the minister, 45 voted to allow him to retain his post, and there were 14 abstentions.
Kordan served as deputy oil minister in the current administration before taking the Interior Ministry portfolio.
Kordan only assumed the post on August 5 after he received 169 votes in favor, 64 against and 36 abstentions in the parliament.
Kordan was the first minister in the Ahmadinejad cabinet to face impeachment.
“The impeachment was an acid test for the nation and showed that the Majlis does not compromise with anyone in implementing the law and correcting wrongs,” Larijani stated.
The Majlis speaker added that it is evident from the votes that the Majlis firmly defends the logical principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He denied reports that he had introduced Kordan to the president for the Interior Ministry portfolio, saying no one had consulted him on the nomination.
Larijani also pointed out that he had repeatedly asked Kordan to resign before the impeachment but he had refused to do so.
“I even suggested that Kordan accept another post.”
He went on to say that having a diploma is not a prerequisite for assuming an office but the problem is that Kordan was not honest with the Majlis.
The Majlis speaker noted that Kordan also served the country, which should not be ignored.
“I do not see Kordan’s record as black or white but rather gray.”
Administration’s conception of Majlis is wrong
MP Ali Motahhari emphasized that the administration’s conception of the Majlis is wrong and the impeachment was not a “political game”.
The MP pointed out that lawmakers were firm in the impeachment due to their concerns with “religion and values”.
“The impeachment of the interior minister should be called an ideological and intellectual impeachment.”
Motahhari said that people will trust the government only when wrongdoers are chastised.
The wrongdoers should be dealt with, regardless of their affiliations, he added.
Defending his record prior to the vote, the interior minister said that whatever the result, it will “reinforce unity” among people loyal to the Islamic Revolution.
He also cited many examples of insults to him over the past few months.
Kordan stated that he refused to resign before the impeachment not out of his desire to stay in power but because he has had no “religious reason” to do so