Obama victory was a ‘confession’ to Bush policy failures: ex-speaker

November 6, 2008

TEHRAN – Former Majlis speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel on Wednesday said Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential elections was a sign of “confession” that the policies followed by the Bush administration in the last eight years ended in failure.

“The Americans have to change their policies to rescue themselves from the quagmire Bush has created for them. Understanding this fact allowed Obama to enter the elections with the ‘We need a change’ slogan,” he told reporters.
The head of the cultural committee of the Majlis added, “Whoever the president of the United States is, he has no choice other than returning from the way Bush has gone. This will benefit both the people of the United states and the people throughout the globe.”
Haddad-Adel went on to say that the “we need a change” slogan is the U.S. nation’s “confession” to the failure of the policies of Bush.
He also pointed out if Obama does act based on his promise for change and follow Bush’s policy in dominating the world, the situation in the U.S. will be much worse than the condition.
Asked about the impeachment of interior minister on Tuesday, the speaker said the impeachment was a warning to “those who abuse university certificates” and “dim the reputation of science and universities”.
Majlis on Sunday voted to remove Kordan as interior minister