Occupiers are helping smugglers on Iran’s eastern border: source

November 12, 2008

TEHRAN -- The occupying forces in Iran’s eastern neighbor are supporting smugglers, an informed source in the Interior Ministry told the Mehr News Agency on Tuesday.

“Our country has done a good job establishing security and utilizing a wide variety of equipment to prevent smuggling on the eastern borders. Unfortunately, because of its internal problems, our eastern neighbor is not securing the border from its side, and in some cases, we see that the occupiers of the country are helping the smugglers smuggle communication systems, arms, cars, and drugs,” the source said.
He went on to say that the budget allocated for maintaining security on the border is insufficient, adding, “As we have over 2000 kilometers of borders with two unstable countries, it is much harder to control the eastern borders than the other borders.”
Paving one kilometer of a road on the border costs over 2 billion rials, he noted.
However, much of the underdevelopment of the border region is due to “structural and cultural problems”, he stated.
The source said Iran has “built roads, canals, earthen barriers, and watchtowers,” acquired night vision goggles, and “established border police stations” to ensure security on the borders