Melal Orchestra to commemorate Iranian Constitution

November 19, 2008

TEHRAN -- The Melal Orchestra plans to commemorate the anniversary of the issuing of the Decree for the Iranian Constitution by performances in the upcoming summer.

The orchestra will be performing for four nights, beginning on August 5, 2009, which marks the 103rd anniversary of the Iranian Constitution.
Some compositions by Qajar era musicians have been scheduled for the orchestra’s repertoire, conductor Peyman Soltani told the Persian service of CHN on Tuesday.
“We have asked the prominent German musician, Cord Garben, who is the director of the Johannes Brahms Society (in Hamburg), to accompany the orchestra and there has been a general agreement about the collaboration,” he added.
Soltani also said that a number of foreign musicians would likely perform with the orchestra, whose rehearsals have been slated to begin in late March 2009.
Last April, the Melal Orchestra performed a series of open air concerts at Tehran’s Bagh-e Melli, a Qajar era monument, to commemorate the International Day for Monuments and Sites on April 18.