Zagreb book fair incident showed overarching influence of Zionism: official

November 29, 2008

TEHRAN -- Senior presidential advisor Mojtaba Samara Hashemi has criticized certain Zionist groups in Croatia for pressuring Iranian diplomats.

The Zionist groups had put pressure on the Iranian diplomats because they had displayed the book The International Jew at Iran’s booth at the Zagreb International Book Exhibition.
The International Jew is a compilation of articles originally published in Henry Ford’s newspaper The Dearborn Independent.
Hashemi called the action “a sign of the Zionist influence on European countries” and expressed regret over this state of affairs.
He said the over-emphasis on matters related to the Zionist regime, like The International Jew, shows the “real face” of Israel.
This situation shows that European countries do not abide by their commitments to basic concepts like democracy and freedom of speech, despite the fact that they are always boasting about their adherence to these ideas, he added.
But everyone has become accustomed to the West’s double standards toward democracy and freedom of opinion, he said.
And The International Jew is a history book, he stated.
Hashemi said the book exhibition incident showed the covert and overt influence of the Zionist regime over various institutions of Western countries and called it a sign of the weakness of certain countries that claim to be advocates of dignity and independence.
The 31st Zagreb International Book Exhibition was held from November 12 to 16