Iran ready to help create fair global economic system

November 30, 2008

DOHA - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Iran is ready to cooperate with all governments that care about the people of the world to create a fair economic system.

Addressing a UN aid conference in the Qatari capital Doha on Saturday, he gave his views on the factors behind the global economic crisis, ISNA reported.
He said the very nature of capitalism is unfair, adding that its dictates, unlimited creation of money, development programs based on Western models, and unfair financial and monetary systems have caused the current global economic crisis.
Ahmadinejad blamed the West for the global financial crisis, saying other countries were being dragged in to help resolve Western problems, Reuters reported.
“Leaders of the Western bloc are trying to extend their own crisis to the rest of the globe to portray it as global,” he added.
“They dispatch different delegations to other countries and hold regional meetings and conferences in order to force other governments to get involved in this crisis to cover a part of their loss.”
The credit crunch has frozen lending markets, forced trillions in government bailouts and sent a raft of nations into recession with many others hovering on the cusp of a severe economic downturn. The crisis has taken a heavy toll on poorer nations through trade and an inability to access credit markets.
The Iranian president said the capitalist era had come to an end, adding that the world should adopt a new system based on “religious, spiritual and non-usury” principles.
“The capitalist bloc imposes its standards unilaterally on others,” he said.
“While it prices its goods by itself, it determines the prices for the commodities of other nations to secure its own interests by using deceptive economic ploys.”