Zionist leaders should be tried at int’l Court of Justice

January 14, 2009

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Mohammad Ali Hosseini on Tuesday strongly condemned the crimes and atrocities of the Zionists occupiers and called for its leaders to be tried at the International Court of Justice.

Zionists forces have freely used banned weapons in their aggression on Gaza which is regarded as blatant violation of human rights and war crimes, he said.
The Zionist regime has also violated Geneva conventions and have prevented human rights inspectors to visit Gaza and have even infringed the rights of civilians, he said.
Referring to the carnage unleashed on innocent civilians in Gaza, he said in the past two weeks over 907 people have been killed, half of them women and children.
The savage atrocities of the Zionists occupiers in attacking hospitals, religious buildings and educational centers have led to international protests, he said adding that International Committee of the Red Cross and head of United Nations General Assembly have called them catastrophic and sharply criticized the way United Nations Security Council dealt with it.
Huge public protests around the globe against Zionists’ inhuman genocide is unprecedented, Hosseini underlined.
The Zionist regime and its main supporter the United States of America have come under sharp criticism by world public opinions, he said.
Zionists have violated war conventions and committed international crimes in Gaza, Hosseini underlined.
The Zionist regime and its main ally, the U.S., have attacked Gaza to uproot Islamic movement in the region in order to dominate the entire Middle East region, he said.
It is incumbent on all countries to prepare grounds to bring to justice the Zionist criminals as soon as possible, he concluded.