Iran urges U.N. to try Israeli leaders for war crimes

February 3, 2009

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Sunday urged the United Nations to bring to justice the Israeli leaders for crimes against humanity and war crimes in Gaza.

He made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting chief of the Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Mashal who heads a delegation to hold talks with senior Iranian officials on major regional and international issues.
Mashal also is here to convey the gratitude of the Palestinians, Gazans in particular, to their fellow Iranians for their spiritual supports for the Palesitnian resistance to the Israeli occupiers especially during its 22-day savage attacks against the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip.
President Ahmadinejad stressed the need for quick reconstruction of Gaza, helping its people and reopening of the crossing roads to the Gaza Strip.
He called on the international community to put the Zionist regime under political pressure in order to prevent continued Israeli aggression on Gaza.
President Ahmadinejad also urged people in Gaza, Palestine, to maintain their faith in God and strengthen their unity and resistance to the usurper regime.
Noting that the “defeated Zionists” might try to wage another war against Palestinians, the president urged residents of Gaza, Palestine, to remain vigilant about Zionists further aggression in the future.
Meanwhile, Mashal said that Iranians shared in the victory of the people of Gaza over the Zionist occupiers.
Briefing the Iranian president over Gazans; resistance during the 22-day aggression of the Israeli troops which left over 1,300 killed and around 5,000 injured, Mashal said the people of Gaza, all Palestinians and the democratic government of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh would always thank God for their victory and express their gratitude for the spiritual and political supports of their fellow Iranians during the hard days of Israeli massacre on Gaza.
Referring to the Gazans’ victory over the Israeli troops in 22-day aggression on the besieged area as a “miracle from God,” Mashal said that this miracle “brought honor to Palestinians and those countries that supported the Islamic resistance while, on the other hand, humiliated the Zionist leaders, U.S. and certain countries.”
Mashal added that the Islamic resistance as well as Palestinians were seeking to remove the long seizure of the Zionist regime from the Gaza Strip, reopen major crossing roads to Gaza including the Rafah crossing roads and assisting families of martyrs as well as survivors of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
He added that reconstruction of demolished infrastructures in Gaza as well as putting on trial of the Zionist leaders were among other major objectives which are pursued by the people of Gaza and the Islamic resistance as well.
Mashal’s visit to Iran is considered highly important due to the recent developments occurred in the region following the Zionist regime’s 22-day-long carnage in the Gaza Strip.
He met with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and is due to deliver a speech at Tehran University later on Monday.
Mashal is also to attend a formal session of parliament (Majlis) on Tuesday.