Rigi brother, 11 other terrorists receive death sentence: court official

July 12, 2009

TEHRAN -- Sistan-Baluchestan’s revolutionary and appeals courts have ordered the execution of Abdolhamid Rigi - the brother of Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi - and eleven members of the terrorist group, a provincial court official has said.

Ebrahim Hamidi, the chairman of Sistan and Baluchestan’s Justice Department, told the ISNA news agency in an interview published on Saturday that one member of the group was sentenced to five years in prison.
Abdolhamid Rigi was arrested by Pakistani forces and handed over to Iranian officials earlier last year.
Jundullah is a Pakistan-based terror group comprised of some members of the Baluch ethnic minority. The group is closely affiliated with the notorious al-Qaeda organization.
Hamidi said the rulings were issued in proportionate with the kinds of the crimes they had committed, including the Tasuki incident, creating roadblocks in Chabahar road, kidnapping foreign nationals, and armed robberies.
“Tasuki incident” happened on March 16, 2006 when the terror members attacked a convoy of vehicles near the town of Tasuki in the Sistan area killing some 23 people and took seven others hostage.