Sassanid site bulldozed in southwestern Iran

October 29, 2009

TEHRAN -- Bulldozers destroyed part of a Sassanid tepe last week near Ahvaz, the provincial capital of Khuzestan.

The destruction was carried out by the Mehrab Housing Company for construction of a high-rise apartment complex, Khuzestan Cultural Heritage Lovers Society (Taryana) announced on Monday.
No permission had been granted by the Khuzestan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department (KCHTHD) for the housing company at the site, Taryana spokesman Mojtaba Gahestuni said.
The mound, which covers an area of 10 hectares, had already been damaged by a road construction project, installation of telecommunication poles, other housing projects and establishment of a bazaar, he added.
Last April, KCHTHD’s experts visited the tepe to convince Iranian officials to register it on the National Heritage List and to take action for the security of the site.
However, so far, no decision has been reached by the KCHTHD for safeguarding the mound.
Experts had observed ancient bricks, shards, and pieces of glassware scattered about near the construction projects underway at the site.
Some archaeologists who have already visited the mound, believe that beneath the tepe, the ruins of a Sassanid city are buried, Gahestuni said.