Iraq: Oil well media hype seeks to damage Iran ties

December 28, 2009

Iraqi authorities react to the media hype created about an oil field in the Fakkeh region saying such efforts are aimed at damaging the cordial relations between Iran and Iraq.

""Iraq does not intend to damage ties with any of its neighbors including Iran,"" the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) quoted Maysan Province Governor Muhammad Shia Al Sudani as saying.
He added that joint committees between the two countries are investigating the issue.
The Iraqi official made the remarks in response to the recent hype by some American and Arab media outlets which claimed that Iranian soldiers had crossed into the Iraqi territory and seized an Iraqi oil field.
Iran rejected claims that its armed forces had taken control of the oil well within Iraqi borders, stressing that the well in question is not located on Iraqi soil.
An Iraqi army commander in Maysan, Habib al-Hussaini, said that Iraq is committed to international border regulations.
He added that Iraqi forces are currently settled in border regions of Maysan and added that no other forces are presently stationed in the area.
""Iraqi security and border forces have control over oil wells in the region,"" added the Iraqi commander, dismissing claims that Iranian forces had taken over a big oil well.
“These claims are not true. The fact is something else,” he said.
The Fakkeh oil field is one of the many joint fields that Iran shares with Iraq. The Iranian and Iraqi oil officials have clinched some deals over the past months to develop the joint wells including Paydar, Paydar-Gharb, Naftshahr, Azar, Dehloran and Azadegan.
The two countries have recently agreed to set up an arbitration commission to clear up the misunderstanding over the borderline well.
(Source: Press TV)