Foreign nationals detained in Ashura riots

January 5, 2010

TEHRAN - The intelligence minister announced on Monday that several foreign nationals were arrested in riots on Ashura day last month in Tehran.

""Several foreigners are among those who were arrested on the day of Ashura,” Heidar Moslehi said in an interview posted on the IRIB website.
These persons who “were leading a psychological war” against the Islamic Republic’s system “had entered Iran two days before Ashura” and the cameras and instruments that they were carrying with themselves were confiscated, the intelligence minister explained.
The minister said those arrested on Ashura day are among counter-revolutionary elements, monarchists and Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) members who played a key role in the seditious movement that followed the June presidential election.
“Of course, when we say that monafeqin (MKO) and counter-revolutionary elements and monarchists” were involved in the Ashura incidents it does not mean that they have power to do maneuvers, rather, they have been misusing the situation that have been created by the fitna (seditious) movement.
He added according to information and reports received by the Intelligence Ministry the fitna movement did some noticeable maneuvers after the Ashura event including releasing statements in an attempt to “purify” itself.
He also said people have provided valuable information to the Intelligence Ministry about those who contributed to the Ashura riots.
He advised people to be vigilant toward those who are seeking “evil purposes”, saying experience has shown that these persons, despite many failures, will not give up their actions.
He added these groups are openly supported by U.S. President Barack Obama and the Zionist regime