Majlis mulls a plan on protecting nuclear achievements

July 5, 2010

TEHRAN – Iranian MPs have made a series of recommendations on how to safeguard nuclear achievements, MP Kazem Jalali said in Tehran on Sunday.

The Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has received approximately forty recommendations from members of the parliament, the parliamentary committee spokesman stated.
Jalali added that the parliamentary committee will discuss the Nuclear Achievement Protection Bill on Tuesday.
In response to the latest United Nations sanctions resolution, the Majlis has voted overwhelmingly to study a bill which would allow a retaliatory inspection of foreign ships and ban the inspection of Iranian nuclear sites beyond the requirements of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
The resolution, which was ratified by the UN Security Council on June 9, also allows the inspection of Iranian ships.
MP Ismail Kousari of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said on Sunday that it is not in any country’s interest to intercept Iranian ships in international waters.
“I do not believe that any country would dare to inspect Iranian cargo ships in international waters, berceuse in that case the Islamic Republic has the right to retaliate,” he stated.
He also said the plan for reciprocating an inspection of Iranian ships will be on the agenda of the parliamentary committee in the coming week