Iranian scientist takes refuge in Tehran’s Interest Section in Washington

July 13, 2010

TERAN - A missing Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri, who had been abducted by the CIA while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, has taken refuge in the Pakistani Embassy in Washington which takes care of Iran’s Interest Section in the country.

""Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri, who was kidnapped by the Americans, had gone to the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. and taken refuge at Iran's Interest Section. He has requested to be sent back to Iran quickly,"" the Mehr News Agency has learnt.
Abdul Basit, a spokesman for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, told CNN that Amiri arrived at the Pakistani Embassy at 6:30 p.m. Monday.
Since Iran and the United States do not have diplomatic ties, the Pakistani embassy looks after Iran's interest in Washington.
Amiri, a researcher at Tehran's Malek Ashtar University, was abducted by CIA agents with the cooperation of Saudi intelligence forces in June 2009 in Saudi Arabia