“Sun of Pacific Ocean” to rise in Tehran to fight world hunger

October 7, 2010

TEHRAN -- The Iranian choir Namira will be performing a concert in Tehran on October 18 to raise funds for the hungry around the world.

The 70-minute concert entitled “Sun of the Pacific Ocean” will be held at the Vahdat Hall on October 18, two days after World Food Day.
The UN World Food Program (WFP) will sponsor the event.
The concert will articulate the message of WFP on behalf of poor and hungry people around the world, conductor Farhad Harati said in a press conference on Wednesday.
“The 60-member choir accompanied by three guest artists will perform compositions inspired by my childhood that musically narrate several short stories to the audience,” he added.
He went on to say that the audience will be able to imagine all parts of the concert which will hopefully put a romantic atmosphere in their minds.
WFP asks people of the world to remember the 925 million hungry people on World Food Day and to help reduce this number by their donations, the WFP spokesman in Iran, Dara Darbandi, mentioned at the conference.
“Hunger is one of the greatest dangers threatening human beings and its mortality rate is estimated to be higher than that of AIDS, malaria and turberculois,” the WFP representative in Iran, Negar Gerami, lamented.
Actor Reza Kianian, Amin Tarokh, Atila Pesyani, composer Mohammad Sarir and kamancheh virtuoso Davud Ganjei will be the event’s guests of honors.
Photo: Namira performs a concert at the main hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex on February 14, 2009. (CHN/Avideh Najafi)