MP says Iranians have positive view of Germany

November 21, 2010

TEHRAN -- Ali Adyani-Rad, the head of Iran-Germany parliamentary friendship group, said on Saturday that the Iranians have a positive view of the Germans.

Talking to his German counterpart Elke Hoff, the Iranian MP said Tehran and Berlin show great respect for each other.
Adyani-Rad added parliamentary friendship groups, as the symbols of friendship, can play an effective role in cementing ties among nations.
He went on to say that Iran’s parliamentary friendship group favors expanded relations with Germany in different fields.
The MP also called the major powers’ approach about different international issues “unfair” and said the West’s double standard policy toward human rights and a peaceful use of nuclear energy has astonished the world’s public opinion.
He also sought cooperation between Germany and Iran to help establish peace and security in the region.
Elke Hoff, for her part, said Iran and Germany’s deep ties necessitates more interactions between the two countries’ officials including those sitting on the parliamentary friendship committee.
She said the parliamentary friendship group has provided an opportunity to boost ties especially in political, cultural, and economic spheres