Tehran again on smog alert, emergency meeting held

December 30, 2010

TEHRAN – Air pollution has again reached an alarming level in Tehran, forcing officials to hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday.

However, the details of the meeting and the measures to be taken were not released.
Heavy air pollution has gripped Tehran over the past month, leading to a rise in the number of respiratory attacks.
Officials had previously taken some stopgap measures like closing schools, universities, and government offices and imposing special traffic restrictions, but the choking smog did not dissipate and the problem was only temporally relieved for few days due to a short period of rainy weather condition.
But as the weather settled, the pollution again rose to a high level.
A report says that Tehranis have breathed healthy air for only five days over the past 38 days.
Experts have blamed domestically manufactured cars which do not conform to the international environmental standards and low quality gasoline produced in domestic refineries for the air pollution.