I am eager to know more about Iranian stage artists: Castellucci

February 19, 2011

TEHRAN -- Italian stage director Romeo Castellucci said that he is eager to know of the way Iranian stage artists express themselves on the stage.

Castelluccui, who attended the 29th International Fajr Theater Festival, told the Persian service of MNA that in his view Iran has a great place in world history of art.
“I am interested to know the circumstances in which Iranian artists work in, what they think about, and how they express themselves,” he mentioned.
He had workshops on February 15 and 16 at the Nilufar Hall of the Iranian Artists Forum. The forum was attended by renowned Iranian theater directors, which included Atila Pesyani, Reza Guran, Arvand Dasht-Aray and Nima Dehqan.
He also staged his 20-minute play “Contemporary history of Africa, Vol. III” on February 16 for Iranian audiences at the Vahdat Hall. He returned to his country on February 17.
He said this is the first time that he has come to Iran and he has acquired a vivid image from Iranian theater. He expressed his hope to become more familiar with Iranian stage artists.
“Unfortunately, I could not watch theaters that were on stage during the festival due to the shortage of time, but the activity of several groups in the festival was very interesting to me,” he added.
He said that in his view, theater is what happens in the mind of the audiences. It is the only place that one can think about crime and reduce the crime rate at the same time.