Official criticizes Norway for hosting anti-Iran terrorists

April 24, 2011

TEHRAN – The secretary general of the High Council for Human Rights has criticized Norway for granting asylum to terrorists opposed to Iran.

Mohammad-Javad Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with Norwegian ambassador to Tehran, Roald Nass.
Larijani said Norway has turned into a safe heaven for some ringleaders of anti-Iran terrorist groups, saying if the Norwegian government needs evidence to arrest these criminals, Iran can provide them with necessary documents.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he criticized the European countries for being indifferent toward the killing of people in Bahrain.
The West’s double standard toward human rights is clear with regard to the incidents in Bahrain, he noted.
He also expressed Iran’s support for the popular uprisings in certain Arab countries and thanked Norway for taking a negative stance against the brutal killing of people in Bahrain.
The Norwegian ambassador, for his part, said his country has a good relationship with the Interpol, adding Oslo will pursue the case of the terrorists, who have settled in the country.
He also said that Norway opposes the use of violence against protesters in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia’s interference in the country.
It is worth noting that Norway, compared to other European countries, has taken a more appropriate stance toward the Saudi Arabia’s interference in Bahrain, the diplomat stated