Iran establishes Marwa Sherbini Scholarship

July 4, 2011

TEHRAN -- The University of Tehran will grant the Marwa Sherbini International Scholarship to Muslim women who are being abused in their country because of observing Hijab, the Islamic code of modest dress.

Al-Sherbini, the 32-year-old Egyptian, was stabbed to death on July 1, 2009 in front of her 3-year-old son in a courtroom in Dresden, Germany, as she prepared to give testimony against a German man of Russian descent whom she had sued for insult and abuse. She was about four months pregnant and wore the Hijab.
The university has made the decision on the anniversary of the death of Sherbini, who is also known as “the headscarf martyr”, the Persian service of Fars News Agency reported quoting the secretariat of the university on Sunday.
The scholarship will be granted to Muslim females residing outside of Iran who are deprived of continuing their studies because of their Hijab and beliefs.
The decision has been made to show full support of the Islamic country of Iran for religious beliefs, indicating that violation of religious freedom is actually a breach of human rights, the report added.
The secretariat also announced that its policies in awarding the scholarship to the students is to recognize, attract, and train talents who are being abused in different Western countries.
It also is intended to support victims of racism, and encourage and attract Muslim students and researchers.