Clues Found From Sassanid Era in Darreh-Shahr

March 14, 1999
TEHRAN Following the fourth stage of excavations, some parts of central and southwestern Darreh-Shahr in Ilam Province were identified. The ancient city of Darreh-Shahr dates back to the late Sassanid and early Islamic eras. During the quest, new clues from pre-Islam have been found, including a room with plaster works. The fourth stage of excavations in the region led to discovering two ledges and seats on both sides of the entrance.

With regard to the results and probability of finding about a city belonging to the Sassanid era, the archaeological quests around the city will be centered round figuring out the main nature of the city, and urban structure in that era. Darreh-Shahr, called Samireh sometime in the past, sits on the bank the Darreh-Shahr River on the slopes of Kabirkooh (Kabir Mountain), in southeastern Ilam Province.