Tehran projection-mapping show to promote peace

September 12, 2017

TEHRAN – An Iranian artist plans to use projection-mapping technology to promote peace in shows, which will be performances projected upon Tehran’s Azadi Tower for six nights starting on Saturday.

Pictures of historical sites and monuments as well as designs on world peace will be beamed on the tower in the project titled “Birds of Peace Light Symphony”, Amir-Reza Salari, the producer and director of the project, said during the press conference on Tuesday.

The project has been planned in a way to treat the subject of peace by featuring aspects of world literature, history and monotheistic religions, he added.

The projection-mapping show that has been organized in collaboration with the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO will be documented in a film, a copy of which is scheduled to be sent to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Video mapping allows artists to use light and movement as mediums and buildings or other surfaces as a canvas for some huge, attention-grabbing statements, or just for fun.

Photo: A poster for the Birds of Peace Light Symphony


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