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The Nights of Qadr for the people of Gaza
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Everything in the creation has an appointed time. The earth has its seasons and different human affairs also have their optimal time, as the rainy season is suitable for farming. Similarly, for the attainment of nearness to God, specific times, specific days and specific nights are most suitable. Of these very important times is the Night of Qadr. This night is the most important and valuable night of the year. The importance of this night is to such an extent that along with the different verses that discuss the Night of Qadr, a whole chapter (surah) in the holy Quran has been named after this night.
The magnificence of this night in the holy Quran is to the extent that Almighty God addresses His messenger as: What do you know about what Night of Qadr is? By referring to the holy Quran, we find that such kind of addressing is used only when Almighty God is referring to very important issues or when He is reminding people of very great events. For example, where the Recurrence day and its magnificence is mentioned and Almighty God intended to inform people and draw their attraction to the huge events of that day, such kind of addressing is used. Likewise in this verse of Surah al-Qadr, if Almighty God is addressing His best creature and last messenger in this way, definitely He is implying the great magnificence of this night. 
In some verses, this night is called Mubarak. Mubarak means full of mercy and blessing. Applying such a word for the Night of Qadr states that this night has the capacity of abundant blessing to the degree that the revelation of the holy Quran has taken place in this night. Also due to the abundant blessing in this night the gates of forgiveness and mercy of Almighty God is open to people.
Another effect of it is that in this great night no punishment is assigned for the creatures. For the almighty God has named it a night full of Salam (peace) till the break of the morning.
Considering the greatness and importance of the Night of Qadr and contemplating the effects and events of it, one is naturally inclined to learn more about this holy night.

Definition of Qadr
In general, Qadr is defined as measurement. Apparently the reason for using the term Qadr in referring to this grand night is mainly for the fate and measure of all affairs that will be decided in this night. In this precious night, the detail of events and affairs such as life and death, fortune or misfortune, sustenance and wealth is determined for the Man. Also the detail of natural events such as floods, earthquakes and … is determined. A verse in the chapter of the holy Quran, al-Dukhan  confirms this fact about the Night of Qadr;  therein the detail of every affair which is to happen is made distinct.
Knowing the outstanding mercy and blessings in this Night of Qadr one may wonder, does this night belong to a certain time; has this night been a specific night in the past? Or is there the Night of Qadr today and we also can benefit from the high blessings of this night? Therefore, depending upon the level of attention we give to understanding the significance of this night, we too can benefit from the great value and blessings of this night today.

When is the night of Qadr exactly?
Through verses of the holy Quran and the prophetic narrations we can deduce that the Night of Qadr is in the holy month of Ramadan. In one verse, Almighty God confirms that the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan. And in another chapter it is made clear that the Quran was descended on the Night of Qadr: We have indeed revealed this (Quran) in the Night of Qadr. Since in the first verse it was made clear that the Quran descended in the month of Ramadan, and in the second verse it was said that the Quran was revealed in the Night of Qadr, then we can conclude that the Night of Qadr is in the month of Ramadan.
In addition to the verses of the holy Quran, narrations form Prophet Muhammad confirms that the night of Qadr is in the month of Ramadan. The Quran does not reveal the exact Night of Qadr, but the traditions give more detail as to which nights have a higher possibility to be the Night of Qadr. In these narrations, it is suggested that there is a strong possibility that the Night of Qadr may be on the 19th, 21th, 23rd or 27th of Ramadan. However the 23rd of Ramadan has been given the strongest possibility for being the Night of Qadr. 

What are people recommended to do on this night?
Of the recommended acts in this night is best to stay up till dawn and think about the issues which help us keep closer to God. For example it is proper to sit aside and investigate our acts in the past year. Where were we last year and where we are today?
By thinking about these issues we can get prepared for benefiting better from this night. 
We may ask God a better distinction in this year.
We may ask Him to help us follow the path which He is satisfied with.
We may ask Him to forgive us in this night which He has promised us the forgiveness for the incorrect acts we have committed. 
We may decide in this night to obey God more than before.
Remembering God in our heart, helping the oppressed and praying for others is of the other recommended acts of this night. 
Remembering, nowadays the oppressed people of Gaza is under fire by Israeli forces, and these Nights are the Nights of measurement of our deeds towards these oppressed people. Not only Muslims but humanity is responsible, because all acts of all human beings will be measured by Almighty God.
These nights are the Nights of Qadr and the reason for using the term Qadr (measurement) in referring to this grand night is mainly for the fate and measure of all affairs of all human beings that will be decided in this night. Are we proud or ashamed? God knows!

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