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Palestinians shattering Israel’s myth of ‘might is right’
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More than 1800 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip began on July 8. Palestinians are facing shortages of food, water, electricity, and medical supplies. Israeli forces have destroyed houses, hospitals, mosques, and schools.
These are the top headlines of the breaking news of the past three weeks. But what is Israel’s real objective? Israel claims it wants to achieve a military goal, but there is no military goal. Israel is just using the aggression to demonstrate its superior power in the region. In fact, the onslaught on Gaza is an attempt to show that ‘might is right’ and the Palestinians are the victims.
Unfortunately, the majority of U.S. citizens know nothing about the racist and violent policies of Israel toward the Palestinians. In reality, the people of the United States are providing funding for the policies pursued by Israel through billions of dollars in foreign aid. Recently, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved the allocation of $225 million for Israel's Iron Dome system. Due to the power of the Israeli lobby, in the political reality of the United States, Israel is virtually untouchable and can even commit extreme acts with impunity.
In Israel’s latest ‘might is right’ war against the Palestinians, if hundreds of Palestinians are killed it is not important for the Zionist regime, but if just one Israeli soldier is captured, it is a serious matter. This is because killing or capturing one Israeli soldier shatters the myth of ‘might’. And that is why Palestinians are collectively punished and must pay a high price if a single Israeli soldier is killed or captured because it means they have not accepted the proposition that Israel is powerful enough to prove it is ‘right’.
Meanwhile, some media outlets argue about whether the words “proportionate” or “disproportionate” should be used in relation to the killing of men, women, and children in Gaza. For example, the BBC and other media outlets overplay the issue of the rockets fired by Hamas fighters and the tunnels that they have dug to make it appear in some way a fair fight. However, the casualty figures tell an altogether different story. About 80 Israelis -– almost all soldiers -- have been killed, compared to over 1800 men, women, and children killed by the Israeli attacks.
This is slaughter on a mass scale, and it shows just how insane the West has become that it can sit by and watch it happen -- and in some cases even try to justify it. 
The events unfolding in the Gaza Strip have horrified the world. One might have thought that, by now, people would have become accustomed to the seemingly endless cycles of violence in that part of the world, but each new war seems to increase the outrage.
The Palestinians have seen their loved ones torn apart, and we still don't know when this assault will end, as Israel continues to target the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip. There are shortages of the basic necessities of life. The hospitals are inundated with the injured. Gaza has almost no medicine and not enough doctors, and right now it is very difficult to get any humanitarian assistance into the territory because Egypt is mostly keeping the Rafah crossing shut.
Some people may ask why the tunnels have been dug. Well, they were dug because Gaza has been under a draconian siege for seven years. It is impossible to have a normal, dignified life in Gaza as a Palestinian, and therefore, the resistance movement had to do something to change the situation, because it had become unbearable.
Most Palestinians in Gaza would say that they have a choice between a quick death through resisting or a slow death by acquiescing to living with the occupation, the siege, and the totally intolerable situation. Most human beings would choose dignity and would choose a quick death. And that is why the Palestinians support the resistance. Tunnels are built to give them hope, to give them something to use in the struggle. Now, of course, the tunnels are also essential for traveling to and from Egypt.
Beside the tunnels, it would be absurd to say Israel is not targeting infrastructure. Why are so many hospitals destroyed? Why are so many homes destroyed? Saying the tunnels are actually the main issue is a ridiculous argument because Israel did not even know the extent of the tunnels when it started the war.
But Israel is trying to make it appear that the tunnels are the main issue because it wants to continue bombing Gaza. There will be no strategic outcome except more misery, more suffering, and more destruction. However, the Palestinians are going to be more determined to resist in any way possible, by building more tunnels and coming up with new ideas. Everything comes back to the occupation. Everything comes back to the siege. Give people a decent life, treat human beings with dignity, and you won't have any problems. And the myth that ‘might is right’ must be shattered. 

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