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ISIS’s Achilles heel
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Why does ISIS engage in beheading, terror, and horrific acts? There are three possible explanations. 
Firstly, psychological warfare is a key concept of ISIS’s military strategy. They believe that fear is a uniquely effective weapon of their army.  
Secondly, ISIS has come to an understanding that such fearful actions can be used as an unimaginably strong tool of propaganda to expand the role of jihadis in the society. They believe British or American soldiers must know who they are confronting. 
Last but not least, the saying “actions speak louder than words”, is highly incorporated in their philosophy. Terror is a form of propaganda not by words but by deeds. Therefore, it is strongly believe that the effect of such deeds will be of great aid to the propaganda. The graphic nature of beheading, continuous atrocious acts and the act of body desecration serve the concept of fear mongering, whereby an explosion of a bomb is perceived less violent even though the death toll is greater.
Now, the question is how can a group like ISIS with such a threatening mindset be defeated? Is the use of military force the only way out? 
There is no question that ISIS represents a malignant force. The so called Islamic state reveals a barbaric nature in the eyes of many in this world. Without a doubt, the isolation of such people from the Islamic world is a necessity as the true image of Islam is being ruined by their corrupt and misguided beliefs. 
The Islamic world should insist that terror, beheading and horrific acts have no place in Islam. It is only natural to oppose such actions by the ISIS and inform others of their cold-hearted behavior. The ISIS needs to understand that these acts do not rise for a success rather they rise for a loss which is inevitable. Moreover, ISIS should recognize that as long as their hearts are filled with hatred and fear, victory will never be achieved through their continuous acts of violence. 
For this reason, it is the role of the Islamic scholars to plan for and implement strategies to eradicate these people from the face of the earth. In this day and age, cooperation amongst Islamic scholars is a sheer necessity in order to achieve a set goal. The Islamic scholars should bear in mind that the existing gap among them creates a platform for ISIS to destroy the true image of Islam. 
Having its consular officials taken hostage by ISIS is the only reward Turkey received from supporting ISIS, a new state that only threatens the Turks. Saudi Arabia is also gravely threatened by ISIS victories. It has been reported that Saudi Arabia’s dismissal of Prince Bandar as the chief arms supplier to the Syrian rebels, including ISIS, arose from King Abdullah’s recognition that the Saudi support had yielded unanticipated consequences. A real army right next door to Saudi Arabia is a much more serious threat than a rag-tag group making camp a thousand miles away in Afghanistan, Hence, the role of the Arab states, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf emirates –is crucial in defeating ISIS. Further, the cooperation among the Islamic scholars in these countries can enforce and accelerate the process of isolating and defeating ISIS. On the contrary, the existing gap among Islamic leaders and Islamic scholars is the real platform for the existence of ISIS.
Practically speaking, a group that declares war on the human race, as ISIS effectively has, cannot be enclosed across broad stretches of Syria and Iraq. They need more space to survive. Therefore, removing the gap among Muslim leaders and scholars is ISIS’s Achilles heel.

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