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  •  Foreign nationals tour Isfahan’s Imam Mosque, a Safavid-era monument famed for its iconic blue-tiled mosaics and its sizable proportions. 2018-01-01 19:58

    Abolishing VAT for inbound tours on agenda

    TEHRAN – Iran’s tourism body is pursuing to waive a controversial value added tax levied on inbound package tours as the taxation is deemed a “serious threat” to the county’s budding tourism sector.

  • The tangled web of air pollution in Tehran 2018/01/01

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    The tangled web of air pollution in Tehran

    TEHRAN — Air pollution, the recurring nightmare of Tehraners from which there is no waking, is a complicated saga of the busy capital of Iran.

  • Bill ensuring rights of persons with disabilities approved 2018-01-01 09:31

    More jobs, free education, and less working hours highlighted

    Bill ensuring rights of persons with disabilities approved

    TEHRAN – Majlis [the Iranian parliament] approved both general outlines and details of a bill on rights of persons with disabilities which raises hope for improvement of their living conditions.

  • Ahmad sadeqi 2018-01-01 09:29

    Budget deficit impeding disaster reduction efforts: official

    TEHRAN – Shortage of budget has been impeding many projects needed to implement disaster reduction plans, especially during earthquakes, YJC quoted Ahmad Sadeqi, director of the Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization, as saying.

  • Tehroon Bepooshim 2017-12-31 11:05

    Inspiring fashion designs add glamor to Golestan Palace

    TEHRAN -- There is a common ground between the design elements involved in both architecture and fashion and many fashion designers around the world are inspired by architecture in their works. Now some young fashion designers in Iran display their designs inspired by the Golestan Palace at the venue during an exhibition.

  • Warmer winter looms large amid low precipitation, high air pollution 2017-12-31 11:03

    Warmer winter looms large amid low precipitation, high air pollution

    TEHRAN — Iran’s Climatological Research Institute has projected a warmer winter accompanied by lower precipitation rates and consequently more air pollution incidents for the last season of the year in the country.

  • Iran sees a decline in health tourist influx 2017-12-30 22:03

    Iran sees a decline in health tourist influx

    TEHRAN – The number of medical tourists traveling to Iran is estimated to fell some 10 percent in the current Iranian calendar year 1396 (March 2017-March 2018) in comparison to the previous year, IRIB reported on Thursday.

  • People visit Imam Square, a UNESCO World Heritage in Isfahan, central Iran 2017-12-30 18:34

    Iran to scrap paper visas for all countries

    TEHRAN – Iran will stop issuing paper visas in favor of electronic ones for all countries by May 2018, said Hassan Qashqavi, the deputy foreign minister for consular affairs.

  • Interior Minister Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli 2017-12-30 10:19

    Installing seismometer stations in quake-prone areas prioritized

    TEHRAN – Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli has said setting up new seismometer stations and GPS systems all over the country especially in quake-prone areas is a priority, Mehr reported on Thursday.

  • Children's hospital 2017-12-30 10:19

    By Sadaf Abbassi

    “Candy Thursdays” pouring kindness into people’s lives

    TEHRAN — Hospital waiting rooms are not lively places, it even gets worse when it comes to children’s hospital. Usually, pale, sick and exhausted children with their tensed parents are wishing to get out of this horrible place as soon as possible.

  • Restricting diesel engine trucks eases Tehran’s air pollution 2017-12-30 10:18

    Restricting diesel engine trucks eases Tehran’s air pollution

    TEHRAN – Following consistent air pollution in the metropolis of Tehran trucks running on diesel engine were temporarily banned from the streets, which dramatically reduced pollutants in the capital.

  • Dreamy Dizin has great offers for ardent ski fans 2017-12-29 20:37

    By Marjan Golpira

    Dreamy Dizin has great offers for ardent ski fans

    High on the Alborz mountains north of Tehran, the prestigious Dizin Ski Resort is one of the winter attractions of Iran, offering an exciting destination for ski lovers from beginners to professionals.

  • تهران پس از زلزله 2017-12-29 07:54

    Tehran quakes: Tehraners tremble with fear

    TEHRAN — Tehran was shaken with yet another minor quake at 00:54 a.m. local time on Wednesday stoking up fear once again into the hearts of terrified citizens.

  • An adult literacy course 2017/12/29

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Literacy is a right and a means of gaining other rights

    TEHRAN — Literacy, a benchmark for social and economic progress, is a right and a channel for achieving other rights.

  • A view of Tabiat bridge in northern Tehran 2017-12-27 10:31

    By Setareh Behroozi

    Tehran, the city that we love

    TEHRAN -- Unsteady earth and grey sky is making many people living in Tehran to spend heavy days. While Tehran has been grappling with persisting air pollution in recent weeks, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit the city on December 21.

  • Cheetah cub saved from smugglers 2017-12-27 07:30

    Cheetah cub saved from smugglers

    TEHRAN – Following the arrest of an animal-trafficking band in Tehran, an Asiatic cheetah cub was discovered and required measures were taken for her protection, Iran’s Department of Environment official website reported on Tuesday.

  • A view of the city of Bam, rocked by the magnitude 6.6 earthquake 14 years ago, Photo by IRNA 2017-12-27 07:24

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    On the occasion of 2003 Bam earthquake

    Fourteen years after a deadly quake hit the city of Bam in the southeastern province of Kerman once again deep-seated fear of devastating quakes has gripped people all over the country.

  • earthquake 2017-12-27 07:16

    A minor magnitude 4.2 quake hits Tehran

    TEHRAN — The earthquake shook Tehran at 00:54 a.m. and felt by Tehran, Karaj and surrounding cities.

  • A combination photo depicts Hossein Sajedi, an Iranian collector and musician, as well as some of his sound and music gear. 2017-12-26 08:59

    Museum dedicated to sound and music to open in Tabriz

    TEHRAN – A museum devoted to sound and music gear is due to open its doors to the public in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz, which will be the capital of Islamic tourism in 2018.

  • Mohammad Hanif Daneshyar 2017-12-26 07:24

    Kabul: Iran helping Afghanistan in fight against narcotics

    TEHRAN — Iran is giving a helping hand to Afghanistan in fight against drug trafficking, spokesman for Afghanistan Ministry of Counter Narcotics Mohammad Hanif Daneshyar has said.

  • Illogical reservations about bill on violence against women 2017-12-26 07:24

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Illogical reservations about bill on violence against women

    TEHRAN — While there are news about adoption of a bill on banning violence against women there seems to be unreasonable reservations about the issue.

  • needlework 2017-12-25 20:15

    CHHTO exhibits needlework handicrafts

    TEHRAN – A collection of handicrafts bearing needlework embroideries has been put on show at the headquarters of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization in Tehran.

  • Archaeologists unearthed considerable numbers of prehistoric pottery fragments at the Nadali-Beig Hill in western Iran. 2017-12-25 20:12

    7000-year-old residence found in western Iran

    TEHRAN – A previously spotted residence area at Nadali-Beig Hill in western Iran may date back to around 7,000 years ago, archaeological studies suggest.

  • Sand and dust storm in Ahwaz, Khuzestan province 2017-12-25 09:29

    ‘UNGA draft resolution turns combating SDS into a global issue’

    TEHRAN — The adoption of a draft on combating sand and dust storms (SDS) in the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 72) will turn it into a global issue which can garner international support to tackle its detrimental effects, the Iranian ambassador to the UN said.

  • Traffic in Tehran 2017-12-25 09:23

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Tehran traffic schemes: Does anyone think twice about air pollution?

    TEHRAN — Tehran Municipality has resumed talks over the past few days concentrating on altering traffic schemes to ease congestion and abating air pollutions.

  • air pollution 2017-12-25 09:19

    Govt. should stand firm against acquisitive industry: environment chief

    TEHRAN – “Health, environmental safety and the rights of future generations cannot be neglected and the government should take a determined stand against the industry’s passion for acquisitiveness,” chief of the Department of Environment, Isa Kalantari, said on Saturday.

  • earthquake preparedness 2017-12-24 20:52

    How to prepare, survive and recover from earthquake?

    TEHRAN -- During the past 40 days, different cities in Iran have been shaken by earthquakes. The most recent one in the capital, made people to overthink the disaster.

  • A view of run-down areas in Tehran 2017-12-24 09:27

    Run-down areas, subsidence dragging down Tehran

    TEHRAN — The magnitude 5.2 tremor on December 20 near Tehran once again has heightened serious concerns over the city’s resistance to an imminent and most probably destructive earthquake.

  • Yalda Night is a time for pleasant family reunions that entails laughter, merriment and good cheer. 2017-12-23 20:50

    Iran seeks multinational UNESCO inscription of Yalda

    TEHRAN – Iran has called on its nearby states to join hands to put forward the ancient Persian Yalda festivity for a possible UNESCO registration.

  •  A general view of the Carpet Museum of Iran in downtown Tehran 2017-12-23 20:50

    Carpet Museum draws 6,500 foreign travelers in 9 months

    TEHRAN – Some 6,500 overseas tourists toured Carpet Museum of Iran over the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year, which started on March 21.