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Some measures of certain powers against Iran are counterproductive: Russian ambassador
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c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_edim_02_ep3(109).jpgTEHRAN – Certain measures taken by some members of the six major powers negotiating with Iran over the country’s nuclear program are counterproductive, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin told RT in an interview published on Monday. 
Asked about a new round of talks between Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany), which is scheduled to be held on February 26 in Kazakhstan, Ambassador Churkin said, “We’re prepared to continue working together within the format of the six, even though we make no secret of the fact that we think that some of the things which are being done by some members of the six are counterproductive because, in addition to Security Council sanctions, they piled up all sorts of unilateral sanctions, which we believe are not needed as a matter of principle. 
“Because once we agree to work together, once we develop a certain system based on Security Council resolutions, to add anything on top of that is the wrong thing to do, and in our view this is creating some humanitarian problems in Iran which should not be there, and it’s creating some bad blood in the talks with Iran which is not really necessary.” 
Asked if there is anything that could stop the U.S. and Israel, if they, together or separately, were about to make the decision to strike Iran, the Russian ambassador said, “I hope common sense and good reason will stop them because this would be the worst thing to do. First of all, the opportunities for a dialogue are there. Nobody, no member of the six, including the United States, maintains that the Iranians have already made the political decision to develop a nuclear weapon. They accept, they say, that as far as they know the Iranians have not yet made that decision. Since this decision has not yet been made – even according to them – then certainly there is room for diplomatic discussions, for diplomacy etc. etc.
“A military strike would certainly make no further talks with Iran possible, so every opportunity for political discussions would be lost. I agree with those who believe that in fact that would give a great push to those in Iran – if that strike were to happen – who might be advocating building a nuclear bomb. So that would be an irrational dangerous step, to say nothing of the regional repercussions of the conflict with Iran because now we are facing instability in the region as one of the ‘standing on its own feet’ phenomenon.” 

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