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Proponents of Iran sanctions bill are playing with fire: article
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c_330_235_16777215_0_http___172.19.100.100_images_stories_famous_02_irannuc2.jpgTEHRAN – The new sanctions bill against Iran that U.S. Senate has introduced despite clear warnings from the administration risks derailing the negotiations with Iran and isolating the United States from its allies, Huffington Post wrote in an article published on Friday. 
Following are excerpts of the text of the article: 
After years of tragic and costly combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States now finds itself at a crossroads in its efforts to reach a peaceful, diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear issue.
Last month, the Obama administration, backed by five other major world powers, reached a preliminary agreement with Iran to freeze (parts of) its nuclear program. During this time, the parties will try to reach a permanent solution. 
This is not good enough for some in the U.S. Senate, who have been backed by AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee and several other organizations. 
Far from trusting President Obama and allowing the administration to pursue negotiations, they are actively trying to sabotage the process.
If we have learned anything from our disastrous military entanglement in Iraq, it should be that it is easy to begin wars -- but very difficult to end them or to predict where they might lead. The American people were sold a bill of goods on Iraq. We were promised a simple, clean operation aimed at destroying weapons of mass destruction, which it turned out did not exist. We were told it would be easy to topple the Iraqi dictator and replace him with a democracy. Instead, we virtually destroyed a nation, setting off a sectarian conflict which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and cost trillions of dollars and which still continues. 
Some of those who advocated most strongly for that war are behind this week's Senate bill to "expand sanctions imposed with respect to Iran and to impose additional sanctions with respect to Iran, and for other purposes."
The bill was introduced despite clear warnings from the administration that it risks derailing the negotiations with Iran and isolating the United States from its allies. 
The bill's sponsors choose to disregard the assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community that new sanctions undermine the chance of a negotiated end to the Iranian nuclear (issue).
Not only the bill's timing is extremely suspect but its content is also designed to ensure the failure of the talks. The bill demands the total dismantlement of Iran's nuclear program - a demand Israel has made but one that is entirely unrealistic -- as President Obama himself has stated. The bill seeks to tie the President's hands in many different ways. No wonder he has stated clearly that he will veto it if it ever reaches his desk.
We simply must give these negotiations a chance to succeed. Those advocating for new sanctions, it seems, have learned nothing from history and are determined to repeat it. It's up to us to stop them.

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