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Israel targeting women, children in Gaza to eliminate future fighters: Sudanese MP
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c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_edim_02_at1(176).jpgTEHRAN – A member of the Sudanese parliament has said that Israel is systematically targeting women and children in the Gaza Strip in order to eliminate future fighters.  
Muhammad Yusif Abdullah, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Assembly of Sudan, made the remarks in an interview with the Tehran Times on the sidelines of a meeting of top parliamentarians on the Gaza tragedy. 
Israel is systematically “targeting women because they produce fighters. And it is targeting children because they are future fighters, so they are terrorized and killed. Israel wants to eliminate resistance elements in that reign,” he stated. 
“I believe that the Islamic ummah (community) is united about the Palestinian case. They have supported Palestine in the past and will support in the future,” Abdullah noted.
However, every nation chooses a different strategy to back the Palestinian people, some giving financial aid, and others providing humanitarian or military support, he said.
“Arab countries are experiencing special situation. We have been divided for a reason or another. Israel is making efforts to create internal problems, and problems between Arab countries so that Arabs would not get united against Israel,” he noted.
“But we believe that the situation is gradually changing.”
Commenting on the role of the United States in the atrocities being committed by Israel against the Gaza people, he said he was of the opinion that the U.S. is paralyzed because the Israeli lobby in the Congress is “toying” the U.S. administration, and the congressmen want to please Israel.
He added that last week U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that he was not happy about what was happening in Gaza and that he had described the incidents in Gaza as a horror and crime. 

Qods Day marks solidarity with Palestinians: Hamas representative
In another interview with the Tehran Times on the same day, Khaled al-Qaddoumi, the representative of resistance movement Hamas in Iran, commented on the looming International Qods Day, saying Muslims will send the message of solidarity with the Palestinian people on this day.
“The Qods day is a day that the masses of people express their feelings and their affiliation to the Qods, which is an issue for all Muslims,” he said. 
“This year we are commemorating the anniversary while Israel is doing cruel offensive against our innocent people, including women and children, in Gaza. We have to send our message to the international community that we are in solidarity with the people over there,” he added.
“We have to send our message to the people inside Palestine that we are with you, that you are not alone. We also have to support them at official level, with a real project that can fulfill their legitimate rights.”
He went on to say that Muslim countries should be unified and implement a practical project to proceed further to support the Palestinian people diplomatically and financially. 
Qaddoumi added that the United States has been biased towards Israel’s enemies for last 60 years. 
The United States is failing to “see Israel’s atrocities and decapitated bodies of kids and women who are killed in their houses by the Israeli army” he said.
He went on to say that Americans have failed in the moral system they have designed for the world. 
“The moral values, democracy, standards, and paradigms that have been designed by the U.S. are their hypocrisy and are not implemented by Israel,” he said.
Qaddoumi added that the U.S. Congress has recently approved $500 million emergency aid for Israel, as if Israel needs more arms to kill children in Palestine.

Iranian MP raps international silence on Israeli brutality
Also, Iranian MP Kazem Jalali told the Tehran Times that the international community has kept silent on Israel’s “brutal crimes” in Gaza.
Asked on the conference on Gaza, the director of the Parliament Research Center added that holding such meetings can prepare the ground for expressing public protest and convey the oppressed voice of the Gaza people to the world.
Furthermore, he said that during such conferences, the Islamic countries’ parliaments would mull over ways to realize the demand of their own people, who are protesting at Israeli crimes.
“As Israel is conducting irresponsible attacks against the people of Gaza, and the Gazans are suffering from shortage of food and medicine, efforts should be made to send equipment to the Gaza people,” Jalali said.    
Tehran hosted the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation Member States in Tehran on Tuesday. 

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