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Ayatollah Taskhiri: Abrahamic religions must bring followers to ‘path of reasoning’
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TEHRAN - Ayatollah Ali Taskhiri, the Supreme Leader’s advisor in the Islamic world affairs, said on Monday that today extremism is a great disease in the world of religion.  
Scholars of Abrahamic religions must strive and bring their followers to the path of logic and reasoning, Taskhiri said.
The ayatollah made the remarks as he addressed a conference on dialogue between the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the Russian Orthodox Church. 
The advisor to the Supreme Leader said that there have been significant divisions among Christian as well as Jewish scholars throughout history. He said the Holy Quran has also mentioned such divisions and extremism.
He went on to say that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUHH) were united in heart so much that the Holy Quran recognizes it to be a major factor behind the victories of early Islam. 
Given the ideological differences, companions never turned to extremism and the small number who did, were eliminated, he explained. 
Politics is a factor that adversely affects the efforts of scholars in Christianity, Judaism and Islam to bring unity, said Ayatollah Taskhiri, the former World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.
The ayatollah said that extremism transforms the love and unity among the scholars to hatred and disunity. 
Extremism has greatly harmed the relations between scholars in Islam as well as other Abrahamic religions. “We unfortunately witness some extremism in the Islamic world as well as Christianity.”
“Extremism is a great disease in our world and to curb its threat, the religious scholars must fulfill their responsibility and bring their followers to the path of logic and reasoning,” he added.
In his concluding remarks the ayatollah said all religions must strive to bring their followers to the path of moderation, otherwise conflicts could result in hopelessness and hatred.

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